Generac Revamps Liquid-Cooled Product Portfolio

Generac has revamped its liquid-cooled product line, which includes the Guardian and QuietSource generators ranging from 22-60 kW. The change will offer improved features, reduce installation costs, and provide a full-range, all-encompassing offer. The converison to the Protector Series has begun, but the transition will be completed over the next year. Rounding out the new Protector QS (low-speed) series are two new nodes – the 32 kW and 38 kW. These new nodes create more options for customers to choose from, ensuring they have the best generator to meet their needs. The QT 36 kW will be phased out, as a result of the new product introduction above.To help round out the high-speed line-up a 36kW (3600rpm) node is being launched as well.Additional Protector Series gaseous benefits include, but are limited to: 
• Alternators feature True Power™ technology , which provides output of <5% maximum THD on both single and three phase generators • The Evolution™ controller is now standard on Protector™ Series gas products. The controller has received upgrades, including USB flash capability, smart battery charging, voltage adjustment, and backlit membrane pad style buttons• Improved service access with the addition of a viewing window for breaker and controller, and a 4" taller roofline on C1-enclosures• Improved stub ups and electrical connection access, which will decrease installation costs. All connections are dual conductor rated, and the implementation of quick connects for the control wires, completely eliminates the need for crimping or lugging• 5-year limited warranty with extended warranty options are available• Aluminum enclosures are available as an option for high-speed units   Spec sheets can be found below: Protector - High Speed Engine Protector QS - Low Speed Engine    Share this article: EasyBlog.require() .script("bookmarklet") .done(function($) { $('#sb-328334227').bookmarklet('facebook', { "url": "", "send": "1", "size": "large", "verb": "like", "locale": "en_GB", "theme": "light", "tracking" : false }); }); EasyBlog.require() .script("bookmarklet") .done(function($) { $('#sb-2114797411').bookmarklet('twitter', { "text": "Generac+Revamps+Liquid-Cooled+Product+Portfolio", "url": "", "via": "", "size": "large", "tracking" : false }); }); EasyBlog.require() .script("bookmarklet") .done(function($) { $('#sb-2084818694').bookmarklet('google', { "href": "", "size": "large" }); }); EasyBlog.require() .script("bookmarklet") .done(function($) { $('#sb-199063067').bookmarklet('linkedin', { "href": "", "size": "large" }); }); Share 0Save

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