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4 Tips for Driving Before and After a Hurricane


At Assurance Power Systems we not only make sure that our customers have uninterrupted power to their homes and businesses, but we try to educate them on those issues that can often affect them both before and after natural disasters such as Hurricanes and tropical storms disrupt their lives. Those living storm prone areas Power generators are not a substitute for common sense and good judgement. Tropical storms and the flooding that often accompanies such storms can frequently cause more devastation than the battering winds. Knowing how to drive before and after such events can make all the difference between getting to safety and being caught in the middle of a potential tragedy. Knowing when to evacuate and when it is safe to return needs as much attention as making certain your Standby Power Generator has been properly maintained by an Assurance Power Systems technician.

First, let us state that being caught inside of a car during storm with possible flooding is a potentially deadly place to be, but having said that often people find themselves in situations that don’t allow them many choices. Just because a storm has passed does not mean that hazards no longer exist, that is why knowing how to avoid or mitigate the risk is vitally important. South Florida, especially coastal communities such as those in Broward and Palm beach counties have incredible emergencies services, but before and after a hurricane eve n they are stretched very thin and although Assurance Power can provide you with a backup power generator, you still may have to venture out when common sense tells you to stay put. Here are some critical tips should the need to drive before or after a storm.

  1. 0ne of the most common incidents when driving through flooded areas after a storm is when drivers go through a flooded area not realizing that the flooded road can often be much deeper than they appear. You can be driving along hoping to get to a friend or relative to check on them and the next thing you know you are up to your door in water. Even in a relatively flat area such as Delray Beach or Boca Raton, streets can dip several feet and fill up with water quickly. Going from a few inches to a few feet can happen quickly.
  2. Each area has certain issues that are common in that area. Assurance Power Systems will often build a raised platform on which to place a Standby Power Generator to avoid flooding issues. It’s important to know the potential hazards in your area such as what bridges are designated evacuation routes and which bridges are so low that a flood tide can make them impassable.
  3. Hurricanes are unique as far as natural disasters go as they often tend to let you know that they are on their way, giving you some time to prepare. Part of this preparation should be keeping at least ½ tank of gas in your car, more if possible. Many gas stations shut down shortly before a storm or have no power to pump gas after the storm. Assurance Power Systems is well known for setting up Power generators for gas stations along an evacuation route as well as many other gas stations, emergency care facilities and essential businesses that need to be operational as soon as it is sage to do so by means of emergency backup generators.
  4. One more tip should you need to drive before or after a bad storm is follow all emergency signs that you see. First responders and other emergency personnel are out there to save lives and keep people from becoming victims. Just because you are driving an enormous SUV does not mean that you are immune from these risks. Your car can stall or be swept away by floods just as easy as a small vehicle and downed power lines in water are deadly.

 These are just a few of the safe driving tips that will help you know what you should be thinking about both before and after a severe storm. In addition to the tips above it’s always a good ide to keep a few days’ supply of food, medicine and anything else you may need should you attempt to either evacuate from the path of a storm or get back to your home in its aftermath. If possible, it is always a good idea to have a bit of cash on hand as well. Do not forget any supplies for your pets too.

The professional technicians from Assurance Power Systems can have electricity in home through a standby power generator, but you need to be able take the proper precautions to keep yourself and your family safe both before and after the storm should you decide to ride out the worst of it at a more structurally secure location.

With the 2021 Hurricane season approaching, make certain that your families are properly prepared. Learn more by visiting our website assurancepower.com or by calling us today at 561-235-7703


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