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6 Big Benefits of Using Propane in the home

Are you looking for a way to save on your energy bills? If so, consider using propane services in Delray Beach, FL. Propane is a great alternative to traditional fuels like natural gas and electricity, and it comes with several benefits that can save you time and money. Propane is a versatile fuel for various purposes, including heating your home, cooking your food, and powering your appliances. Here are six benefits of using propane in your home.

1. You'll Save Money on Your Energy Bills

The fuel you'll need to heat your home with propane is significantly less than the amount of natural gas or electricity you need. This means you'll see significant savings on your energy bills each month. When you need propane services in Delray Beach, FL, contact Assurance Power Systems. Our prices are very stable, so you won't have to worry about unexpected price hikes. 

2. You'll Save Time Cooking and Cleaning

Cooking with propane is faster than cooking with electric stoves, and it's also easier to clean. Propane stoves heat up quickly and evenly, so you can cook your food more efficiently. And, because propane stoves don't produce as much heat as electric stoves, they're less likely to cause spills and splatters.

3. Propane Is a More Efficient Fuel Than Electricity or Natural Gas

The efficiency of propane appliances is much higher than that of electric or natural gas appliances. This means that they use less fuel and produce fewer emissions. Propane furnaces supplied by a propane company in Delray Beach, FL are more than 90% efficient, while electric furnaces are only about 70% efficient. This also means that propane-powered appliances will cost you less to operate over the long run. 

4. It's Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable

Propane comes as a clean-burning fuel, which means that it produces fewer emissions than other fossil fuels. Propane furnaces emit 50% less carbon dioxide than oil furnaces and 30% less than natural gas furnaces.

Additionally, propane is a sustainable fuel source. It's produced domestically by a propane company in Delray Beach, FL, so it doesn't contribute to the import/export balance of trade. 

5. It Can Be Used to Heat Your Home or Power Appliances

Propane can be used for various purposes, including heating your home, powering your appliances, and drying your clothes.

If you have a propane-powered furnace, you'll never have to worry about losing power during a blackout. And, if you use propane-powered appliances, like your dryer or stove, you'll be able to save money on your energy bills.

Propane is also a great backup fuel for generators. If you lose power during a storm, you'll be able to keep your lights on and your fridge running with a propane generator.

6. It's Easy and Convenient to Use

Propane is easy to store and use. It can be delivered to your home, so you don't have to worry about running out. For remote propane monitoring FL, you can have a propane tank installed that will automatically refill when it gets low.


When you're ready to use propane, you need to connect it to your appliances and start using it. No need to wait till it heats up or cools down like you would with electric appliances.


Propane is a great alternative to traditional fuels, and it comes with many benefits that can save you time and money. Consider using propane if you're looking for a more efficient and sustainable way to power your home. It just might be the perfect solution for you. Contact Assurance Power Systems today for remote propane monitoring in FL.

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