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APS Offers 4 Reasons Why Owning Your Own Backup Generator Saves You Money

Assurance Power Systems breaks down the reasons you need backup


As of this writing, it is mid-November, and Hurricane Iota has strengthened to a Category 5 storm as it nears landfall in Central America. Folks there are still recovering from Hurricane Eta just 2 weeks ago, as are the over 350,000 South Florida residents who lost power from that haphazard storm. Granted, most Florida folks are accustomed to the occasional short, hour-long outages. But if they have spent more than one or two seasons in the state, they know that storms like Michael and Irma and Sally and Wilma have all caused major outages, bringing major grief.

Assurance Power Systems (APS) of Delray Beach has been saying for years that long power outages have a far bigger impact than many people realize, even those who have lived through a number of storms (and especially if their area was fortunate enough to avoid long-term impact before now). The costs sneak up on you; from food and clothing to having a place to work and even a place to sleep. And they leave your wallet as empty as your refrigerator.

That said, APS offers the sort of solutions that can help you and your family “power through” even the longest outages. First, let’s explore some specifics as to why equipping your home with a backup generator tailored to your home’s unique electrical system can fend off the following unnecessary expenses and prove to be a literal life saver…

  1. No forced freezer defrosting

There are few worse feelings than the power being knocked out indefinitely while there is a full refrigerator and freezer staring at you from the kitchen…mocking you. Even if you’re hungry, you don’t want to waste the cold by opening a door and grabbing your food that you bought and paid for. Although the longer it goes on the more you think maybe you’ll just cook everything you have, even though you can’t possibly eat all of it. With a backup residential generator, your power will stay on throughout the storm and however long after, keeping your perishable foods fresh and/or frozen.

  1. No losing work due to being out-of-touch

Pre-pandemic, as much as 20% of employees nationwide were working remotely from home. Today it is as high as 50% for significant stretches of time. Yet even still, business will take priority over residences when it comes to regaining power, meaning more production will be impacted by major storms than ever before. Purchasing a backup generator for your home protects you and your work responsibilities from even more challenges than 2020 has already thrown at us.

  1. Hotels are not Charities

There are very few people living in any of the Southern states (Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, etc.), who would be comfortable sleeping in the summer with no A/C. When your home is impacted by a power outage, often so are the homes of your family and friends, which then forces everyone to pack up and head to a hotel. Firstly, even finding a hotel during a blackout can be pretty dangerous, what with downed power lines and stop lights. But it’s also costly. Rates during such circumstances are often inflated to deal with demand. It is even worse if you are a pet owner. And as you wait less and less comfortably for your power to return, and for you to return to the conveniences you previously took for granted, the costs continue to add up. Do some back of the envelope math: A week in a hotel, eating hotel or restaurant food, with your family and your pets, versus investing in a residential generator before it gets to that point.

  1. Post-flooding renovations need immediate assistance

If any part of your home is susceptible to flooding, you probably have a sump pump for preventing an excess accumulation of water, because there’s nothing more damaging to your homes interior than exposure to dampness for days on end. Standby residential generators help ensure that your sump pump is working, so your sunroom or garage is safe from such weather-related incidents.


Wouldn’t you like a little comfort, security and peace of mind when the rest of your neighborhood goes dark? Investing in the installation and maintenance of a residential standby generator can give you all that and more. Call Assurance Power Systems today at 561-886-0470 for more information and to schedule a FREE home assessment!

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