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Assurance Power Systems, We’re on the Job for You!

Our Crew is Powering Through Hurricane Season 2020 and The Pandemic

The concerns of our Dade, Broward and Palm Beach communities during this difficult time of Covid-19 affect all of us. We want to make sure that our friends and family are safe and that our essential businesses continue to function.

It may often seem as of late that many things we take for granted are now a bit beyond our control, and to some extent that statement might not be all that far off, but for the folks here at Assurance Power Systems, our goals have never changed. We are here to help ensure that your concerns about safety and security during the 2020 Florida Hurricane Season or any other time when power outages occur is minimized.

While it is true that many businesses are short-staffed or closed during this Pandemic, our staff is on the job looking out for you. It is more than just a job for those crews that install and maintain the standby generators of our customers, it’s about making sure our communities are looked after and those that need our help will be able to receive it.

Our staff is here taking your calls at 561.886.0470 and answering any questions you may have about generators, power outages and generator safety. Our field crews are out there braving the heat, rain and are taking proper precautions in an attempt to minimize the spread of the Pandemic as well. When in the field,  our technicians rarely need to have any face to face interactions with customers, and some of our crews have even begun creating videos to explain features of their equipment to even further avoid the need for close proximity social interaction.

The Florida storm and Hurricane season is here, and we are here to make sure that your lives are affected as little as possible.  Power to your home or business is an essential service, Assurance Power Systems, its staff, and technicians will be on the job if you need us to be. That is our promise to you.

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