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Sizing Your Standby Generator

What size generator do we need? I want to power my whole house but I don't want to spend a fortune! What options are there for whole and partial house automatic back-up generators? This article will address those questions and get you started towards better understanding the issues surrounding standby generator sizing. Our approach is based upon the National Electric Code and local municipalities may vary - ask an expert to help size your generator system!Sizing a generator can be a daunting and...
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Your Generator Checklist for When Your Generator Doesn’t Start

 You are a pre-planner, you have your generator maintenance schedule, you are up-to-date on your Genstar monitoring service, you stay informed when the maintenance tests are run on your standby power system, and most importantly, you feel at the top of your game for keeping your family safe, comfortable and secure….even so…a power outage is the worst time to discover that your generator will not start.   No one wants their backup plan to malfunction when it’s needed most. Luckily, ther...
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The Importance of Pre-Hurricane Season Generator Maintenance

Hurricane season on the Atlantic coast begins on June 1 each year and runs through the end of November. Hurricanes are especially problematic in South Florida, since it’s vulnerable from three sides. Even before hurricane season begins, other storms in the spring time can be very threatening. If you have a commercial-grade generator for your home or business, you need to be prepared for any major storms, so that you will continue to have electric power in emergencies. There are some routine step...
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Expert Vendor for Claim Adjuster

As a claim adjuster, I always look towards APS for professional technical advice and providing apples for apples repair and replacement quotes for our insureds. Making APB my first call for nearly all generator claims. Either as our expert vendor or as a repair vendor for the insured.   Thanks,   Joseph Tamres General Adjuster   The Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company
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1700 Palm Beach Lakes - 300kW Diesel Generator

Assurance Power Systems replaced an aging 300kW diesel generator with a new system.  Assurance Power Systems handled all aspects of the project including: structural modifications, electrical connections, diesel fuel piping, mechanical systems including exhaust piping and shrouds, rigging, start up, load bank, and building load test.       

Client Info

  • CBRE
  • 300KW Diesel Generator System
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Jupiter Hills Club - 400kW With Custom Enclosure

Assurance Power Systems installed a new 400kW diesel generator with a custom 180 mph aluminum enclosure with the highest amount of sound attenuation to power the exclusive Jupiter Hills Club in Jupiter, FL.  Assurance Power Systems handled all aspects of the project including: structural modifications, electrical connections, diesel fuel piping, mechanical systems, rigging, start up, load bank, and building load test.       

Client Info

  • Jupiter Hills Club
  • 400KW Diesel Generator System
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Copy of Copy of The Landings At MIA

Assurance Power Systems replaced an aging 900kW diesel generator with a new system consisting of a 1250kW Kohler diesel generator, [4] 1200 Amp Automatic Transfer Switches, [1] 200 gallon day tank, and a 7,500 gallon Fireguard diesel storage tank.  The Landings at MIA is a Class A & B office development located just west of Miami International Airport.  There are several high profile tenants that require reliable backup power for their critical operations.  The generator repl...

Client Info

  • CBRE
  • 1250KW Diesel Generator System
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Elizabeth H Dudley

Dear Mr. Ferrigno,  Right before the "non" hurricane I was scheduled for a swap out of my generator from 2000.  I am writing to tell you how impressed I have been with your installation crew.  They came when scheduled, and quickly installed my new generator.  At all times they were courteous and knowledgeable.  They were very careful of my property in a tight situation,  And when they left everything was nicely cleaned up. In particular Brian was concerned that...
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Linda Coolidge

  During Hurricane Mathew (2016) was the first time that we needed our generator which was installed in 2015.  I am so happy with the results of our unit.  Having this quality generator gave me much peace and security as I awaited the storm. Indeed the electricity did go out sometime after midnight. I heard the unit click on and it continued all night, giving me the opportunity to relax as I was listening to the howling wind.   When we decided to purchase a generator w...
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Home Standby Generator | Boca Raton | 48kW Generac Quietsource Generator

Installing a Whole Home Standby Generator in Boca Raton Background: What was this beautiful home in the Golden Harbour neighborhood of Boca Raton, FL missing? An automatic whole home standby generator - no home is complete without one! Assurance Power Systems specializes in installing and servicing whole home standby generator systems.  This system consists of a 48kW Generac Quietsource series generator with two 200 amp Automatic Transfer Switches for whole house protection.   For info...

Client Info

  • Boca Raton Homeowner
  • Generac 48kW Quietsource Generator
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Generator Highland Beach Florida | Generac Industrial Natural Gas Generator

Background Our customer wanted the best of the best for their Highland Beach, FL Estate Home.  We selected a Generac Industrial Natural Gas generator and applied our proprietary coastal package to protect it from the harsh ocean air.  Click here to learn about our Coastal Package.  For information on how to "complete" your home with a standby generator system, call us at 877.499.9500.

Client Info

  • Highland Beach, FL
  • Generac Natural Gas Generator
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Natural Gas Generators | Boca Raton | Generac Quietsource 48kW NG Generator | Oaks at Boca Raton

Background The Oaks of Boca Raton is an exclusive community of estate homes.  Assurance Power Systems has installed many generators in the Oaks.  Natural Gas service is available to all homes which makes for more affordable systems that have continuous run times.   For information on how to "complete" your home with a standby generator system, call us at 877.499.9500.

Client Info

  • The Oaks at Boca Raton, FL
  • Generac Quietsource 48kW NG Generator
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Generators | West Palm Beach | Kohler 20kW Natural Gas Generators

Background The homeowner of this large upscale home in downtown West Palm Beach, Florida desired to power the entire home, but the side yard property was too narrow to allow for a single liquid cooled generator.  We designed a unique parallel 40kW system consisting of [2] Kohler 20kW Natural Gas generators.  Both generators run simultaneously supplying power in parallel and split the load evenly.   Additionally, the homeowner was concerned about flooding due to the proximity to th...

Client Info

  • West Palm Beach, FL
  • Kohler Parallel 40kW System
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Generac 27kW Quietsource Natural Gas Generator Installation - Boca Raton, Azura at Boca Raton, FL

Installing a Natural Gas Generator in Boca Raton Description: With the start of hurricane season a resident at the Azura community in Boca Raton has taken smart precautions to ensure that they will maintain power in case a hurricane hits. We were contacted to install a 27kW Generac quiet series liquid cooled natural gas generator. This system has two automatic transfer switches and powers the whole house, a 4500 square feet home and utilizes automatic load management. If you live in the Boca Rat...

Client Info

  • Azura, Boca Raton
  • Generac 27kW Natural Gas Generator
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Remodelers 60kW Generac Industrial Diesel Generator

Description US Remodelers, a Home Depot National Home Improvement Call Center located in Boca Raton, FL made the smart decision to install an automatic standby generator. They made an even smarter decision by choosing Assurance Power Systems and Generac.  We designed a backup power solution that would allow their call center representatives to keep making calls and scheduling appointments all over the US.  Think of standby generators as "Business Interruption Insurance" - what does you...

Client Info

  • US Remodelors
  • Generac 60kW Diesel Generator
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Orchard Supply 175kW Generac Industrial Diesel Generator

Description Orchard Supply Hardware is an American retailer of home improvement and gardening products. Headquartered in San Jose, California, Orchard Supply Hardware has dozens of locations throughout California, with expansions into Oregon & Florida.  When planning their Florida expansion, they decided they wanted to stay open even during emergencies so their customers could rely on them before, during, and after a storm.  They made an even smarter decision by choosing Assurance ...

Client Info

  • Orchard Supply
  • Generac 175kW Diesel Generator
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Universal Property Insurance [2] 500kW Generac Industrial Diesel Generators

Description Universal Property and Casualty Insurance Company is Florida's largest property insurance company.  They know the risks of power outages, and they know how critical it is to be up and running for their customers during emergencies.   As part of a large renovation project, Assurance Power Systems designed [2] 500 kW Diesel Generator  Systems - 1 for each of their new buildings.  Each system has the capacity to run for 7 days of continuous run time.  Think...

Client Info

  • Universal Property Insurance
  • [2] Generac 500kW Diesel Generators
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Impala Asset Management 100kW Generac Industrial Gas Generator

Description Impala Asset Management is a multi billion investment management firm that invests in global cyclical equities. Staying connected to the markets and news outlets is essential for their success.  In order to ensure maximum ROI for their customers, Assurance Power Systems designed a natural gas Generac generator system giving them unlimited run time during a power outage.  Assurance Power Systems managed the entire installation, including the CBS screening wall needed to conf...

Client Info

  • Impala Asset Manaqement
  • 100 kW Generac Natural Gas Generator
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Gables Auto Vault 300kW Generac Industrial Gas Generator With HVIZ Missile Impact Rated Enclosure

Description Gables Auto Vault is the ultimate luxury car storage. The first of its kind in South Florida, this exclusive construction development is already underway. Upon completion, the building will feature 14-distinct car condominiums with individual climate and humidity-control units and hurricane resistant construction built to the highest standards. The state-of-the-art facility is equipped with first-class amenities including a closed circuit security system, detailing center with car li...

Client Info

  • Gables Auto Vault
  • 300 kW Generac Diesel Generator
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Raise Generator | Elevate Generator | Concrete Slab For Generators

Properly Elevating a Power Generator to Avoid Water Damage As ocean levels rise, so does the FEMA base flood elevation level for many homes in South Florida.  Due to these increased base flood elevations, mechanical equipment must be installed at higher levels.  Our Solution When elevation requirements require generators to be raised 12" or more, there are a few options.  We can either design a custom aluminum stand or raise the concrete slab.  In this installation we poured ...

Client Info

  • Ft. Lauderdale, FL Homeowner
  • Raised Concrete Slab
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