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Commercial Generators for Manufacturing and Warehouse Storage

Emergencies often happen when we least expect them. This does not mean, however, that you can’t be prepared for many of them. We go to great lengths to protect our home and families, but what about our businesses that provide not only for our own families but also for those that we employ. In the event of a hurricane or other emergency in which a widespread power failure occurs, is your facility or storage location prepared to handle such a situation? If your business or even part of it is depen...
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How Much Do Backup Generators Cost?

For those who live in South Florida or pretty much anywhere that storms or other unusual occurrences can take out an electrical grid and plunge your home or business into darkness, backup generators have been a blessing. Standby power solutions have kept businesses running and homes safe, secure and comfortable enough to ride out almost any situation until normal power can be restored.  The cost of these backup generators has made them affordable for most home and commercial needs, with the...
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Ask Assurance - How Long Can A Generator Run and More

Q: How long can you run a home generator? The simple answer to this question is that your home generator can run as long as your fuel supply lasts.  This means that if you had an unlimited fuel tank or endless feed of natural gas you can theoretically run your generator forever. Since we know that all mechanical devices require maintenance, we must ensure that your oil level is sufficient and changed as indicated by the manufacturer, and any other periodic maintenance needs are addressed. T...
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What to Consider When Searching for the Best Commercial Generator

When storm and hurricane season starts in South Florida, the last thing you want is to be at the mercy of the city power grid. In the event that there is a power outage or your business is otherwise not receiving power, a standby commercial generator will provide high amounts of power to keep your business running. Freezers will not thaw, A/C will not cut out, and computer systems will not be shut off. If your business involves the care of young children, the elderly, or the sick, then it is abs...
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Power Generator Buying Guide

Whole Home Installing a whole house power generator gives you the peace of mind knowing that if a sudden storm or power outage occurs, you and your loved ones will be able to carry on as usual, with minimal disruptions to your lives. When there are elderly residents in the home or young children, this peace of mind becomes less of a luxury and more of a necessity. So in order to make sure you are prepared, you first need to choose the right Generac power generator for your home. For first time b...
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Generac Home Generator Fuel Consumption

When people are trying to decide on which Generac home generator would best serve their needs, one of the first thing they want to know are the fuel consumption rates for those back-up generators they are considering for purchase. The information that you supply to your Assurance Power Systems sales person will greatly assist them in providing you with the best home generator choices for your specific needs. Propane and natural gas generators are fast becoming the most popular generators for hom...
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Ask Assurance - Surges and EMPs

Some very interesting questions came in to the offices of Assurance Power Systems this past week so we have decided to answer one general generator frequently asked question, and one that will be sure to make the preppers smile but leave the rest of our customers scratching their heads a bit. Let’s tackle the easier of the two generator questions first. Why Does My Generator Surge? Nothing drives a person crazier than a generator that refuses to stop surging! Although this is not a common issue ...
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What to Know About Home Generators

Whenever you hear the word "generator", so many individuals immediately think of a small device that runs on gas and creates enough electricity to power a few appliances. However, home generators can do so much more than their smaller, portable counterparts. Depending on the size you buy, a standby home generator could power just the bare necessities, or keep your life completely uninterrupted in the event of a blackout. In hurricane-prone areas such as Southern Florida, a home generator is a mu...
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How to Shop for Home Generators

If your neighborhood experiences frequent power disruptions – or you just want to prepare your home for natural disasters – a home generator can keep the lights on for you no matter what’s going on outside. During cold winters and hot summers, maintaining a constant source of power can make the difference between a minor inconvenience and a real crisis that could cause damage to your home and put your family in danger. Getting the right generator can empower you to stay in your home no matter ...
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Ask Assurance #1 - Answering Frequently Asked Questions About Generators

 Why does my Generator start then stop? Have you ever had a lawnmower, car, or boat engine start up then shut off? Unfortunately, in the world of mechanical equipment, things can happen that cause engines to shut down. The good news is that most generators are equipped with sensors that cause the generator to shut down before damaging itself or your homes electrical equipment.  Most new Generators are equipped with a shutdown switch that will automatically turn off the generator sh...
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