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Protect Your Home Against the Effects of Rising Sea Levels in Broward County

Fort Lauderdale Resident Protected Against The Effects of Rising Sea Levels in Broward County The Fort Lauderdale resident from Nurmi Isles installed a 48kW Generac Quietsource Liquid Cooled Generator with [2] 200 Amp automatic transfer switches, that runs on propane, and backs up a 6000 square foot luxury home in Nurmi Isles, Ft. Lauderdale to protect his house against the effects of rising sea levels that increases the risks for power outages. The generator will power 4 AC's and also has a ...
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27kW Generator Installation at Azura in Boca Raton

With the start of hurricane season a resident at Azura community in Boca Raton have taken smart precautions to ensure they will maintain power in case a hurricane hits and have contacted us to install a 27kW Generac quiet series liquid cooled natural gas generator. This system has two automatic transfer switches and powers the whole house, a 4500 square feet home and utilizes automatic load management.
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Backup Your Home Business

Do you have a home based business?  Do you rely on power and connectivity?  Don't risk being with power.  Assurance Power Systems can install a Generac backup generator for your Boca Raton or South Florida home at an affordable price so you can keep on working and stay connected.  Big businesses have generators; so should your home business!  Some of the benefits of the Generac generator include: Quiet operation Ultra quiet weekly exercising Propane of NG ...
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Fish Need Power Too!

  Mal Steinberg of Hollywood, FL spends a lot of time caring for his fish.  He has a beautiful aquarium that requires a lot of attention.  One of the risks of managing an aquarium of this size is power outages.  So, to put his mind at ease, Mal chose to have Assurance Power Systems install a Generac 20kW Standby Generator that kicks in as soon as power loss is detected.  The generator provides backup power to his whole house - including his beloved fish tank.  &nb...
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Generator Enclosure Replacement Review

Here's a note from an Assurance Power's client that needed a generator enclosure replacement.
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We Complete You!

What was this beautiful home in the Golden Harbour neighborhood of Boca Raton, FL missing? A whole house automatic standby generator - no home is complete without one! Assurance Power Systems specializes in installing and servicing standby generator systems.  This system was designed and installed by our South Florida office.  For information on how to "complete" your home with a standby generator system, call us at 877.499.9500.
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Under Paver Propane Tank Installations

South Florida is home to many neighborhoods with small lot lines, but that doesn't mean that we can't fit an automatic standby generator and underground propane tank.  Assurance Power Systems has installed many  propane tanks under paver driveways with complete restoration and custom painted steel traffic rated access hatches.

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Generac 60kW Diesel Powers Call Center

When a national home improvement call center located in Boca Raton, FL made the smart decision to install an automatic standby generator, they made an even smarter decision by choosing Assurance Power Systems and Generac.  We designed a backup power solution that would allow their call center representatives to keep making calls and scheduling appointments all over the US.  Think of standby generators as "Business Interruption Insurance" - what does your business do when the power goes out?

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Generac 20kW Daily Double!

The Assurance Power Systems South Florida installation team is loaded up and ready to install two 20kW Generac Automatic Standby Generators and two 500 gallon underground propane tanks for neighbors in Lake Worth, Florida.  These generators will provide whole house coverage for up to 10 days with the initial fill of propane.
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Generac 48kW In Boca Raton, FL With Custom Concrete Slab

AssuranGenerac 48kW on Raised Slabce Power Systems recently installed a Generac 48kW Quietsource Automatic Standby Generator at a residence in East Boca Raton that required an elevated slab because of it's proximity to the Intracoastal Waterway. The Generac 48kW generator is perfect for this application because of it's reliability, low sound levels, and aluminum enclosure.

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Out With the Old, In With The New

South Florida's harsh coastal climate can wreak havoc on outdoor mechanical equipment located near the ocean.  Most older generators were manufactured with steel enclosures that don't stand a chance in the salt air.  Assurance Power Systems always suggests using aluminum enclosures such as in this new Generac 48kW Quietsource Generator.

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