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South Florida Storm Highlights Need for Standby Generators

(Image Source: Juan David Guerrero)   This past week, South Florida residents and business owners located in Martin, Palm Beach, and Broward County found themselves at the mercy of tornado warnings, hail, high winds, lightning storms, and flash floods. Luckily, outside of a single major accident on I-95 just past the Hillsboro Blvd. exit, no one was seriously injured. However, the overall extent of the damage is expected to be widespread as videos showing cars submerged in water and image...
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Hurricane Alex: The First Named Storm of 2016

(Image Source: The Weather Channel)   What a record-breaking start to the New Year! At only two weeks into 2016, a hurricane has formed in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Alex, formed Wednesday and now located in the eastern Atlantic, has strengthened and developed from a subtropical storm (one that is partially tropical and partially non-tropical) into an all-out tropical storm that made landfall on one of Portugal’s Azores Islands earlier this morning. Hurricane Alex, currently a...
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South Florida, Are You Ready For Tropical Storm Erika?

(Source: Weather.com) As we approach the peak of the hurricane season (September 13th), South Florida is facing the effects of our second tropical storm of the year. While most scenarios expect tropical storm Erika to narrowly miss the state of Florida late Sunday and Monday—continuing up the east coast and only granting us with heavy rains and damaging wind—some predict that Erika could make landfall on the southeastern tip of Florida as a category one hurricane.With most experts forecasting w...
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What The Washington, DC Blackout Says About America’s Power Grid

Last Tuesday’s series of bizarre events surrounding technology that caused major consequences like a suspension of trading on The New York Stock Exchange and United Airlines to temporarily ground its flights—both due to mysterious computer system glitches—has people on edge over issues of cybersecurity and digital information. Perhaps the most concerning issue of all, though it remains somewhat overshadowed, was highlighted by the loss of power that affected over 8,000 people in Washington, DC. ...
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The Time To Prepare For The 2020 Hurricane Season Is Now!

Although the official start to hurricane season is still just under a month away, experts at The Weather Channel Professional Division are already forecasting a “relatively quiet” tropical season for the east coast. With nine named tropical storms and six hurricanes predicted for the 2015 hurricane season, we are thankfully still expected to fall below the 30-year average, although not by much. Low pressure has already been detected off of the coast of South and North Carolina that has the poten...
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Assurance Power Systems Announces New Philadelphia Location!

  Philadelphia is a metropolis characterized by firsts. It’s the birthplace of the nation’s first hospital, public school, bank, stock exchange, lending library, municipal water system and insurance company-among other things! It’s credited with housing the country’s first zoo and department store, and for putting on the first professional football game (guess who won) and Thanksgiving Day parade. Philadelphia even served as the first capital of the United States! So it’s no wonder that wh...
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Top Common Reasons for Power Outages and Failures on Summer in South Florida

Most common reasons for loss of power and power failures in Florida: High Winds, Hurricanes & Tornados It's summer in Florida, and along the hot humid weather, the usual late-summer thunderstorms that coupled with the warm ocean waters and the earth's easter rotation form hurricanes such as Arthur that was spawn off the Atlantic Basin. (See How Hurricanes are Formed) Lightning Bad weather halts like the one on July 14 2014 in Orlando left Disney's monorail out of power. Rain...
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Miami Herald Highlights How Florida Won't Be Hurricane Free For Too Long

As this hurricane season 2014 opens according with Jenny Staletovich this luck won't last forever, and we should be prepared. The article goes on to say that "forecasters warn could end anytime over the next six-month hurricane season, which officially opened Sunday". Also the National Hurricane Center Director Rick Knabb also said "We’re very vulnerable, so it’s a matter of when, not if,”. Read the full story. More About The 2014 Florida Hurricane Season Hurricane Names for 2014 in Florida ...
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How Can Technology Help You Prevent Disasters This 2014 Hurricane Season

Here in Florida, we celebrate all of the four traditional seasons as the rest of the country. Spring, summer, fall, and winter come and go every three months, often without any of the temperature fluctuations and recognizable signs experienced throughout the rest of the United States. Existing in a constant state of hot and hotter, Florida also begrudgingly recognizes another season unique in its duration of six months. Beginning on June 1st and lasting until November 30th is a period in Florida...
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Generator Service and Installation for West Palm Beach Florida

Generator Service and Installation for West Palm Beach Florida Generators are important for residents of West Palm Beach, Florida, because of the susceptibility that this area is to hurricanes and natural disasters. Residents often use their generators in the event the power goes out during storms, so it is important to keep them in working order. There are many things that can go wrong with a generator, and professionals often recommend maintenance in order to prevent generator failure in ...


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Generator Installation, Generator Repairs and Generator Installation for South Florida

Assurance Power Systems continues to lead the pack in generator sales, generator installation and generation repairs for the South Florida Region. "We continue to see strong sales for complete generator services in West Palm Beach, Miami and the Fort Lauderdale areas" said Will Ferrigno, Founder and CEO of Assurance Power Systems. "So far, we have had a subdued 2013 hurricane season but people have been upgrading their generators or performing routine generator maintenance or services. We have ...
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Generac Guardian Series Backup and Standby Generators In High Demand

Generac Guardian Series Backup and Standby Generators In High Demand "The Generac Guardian series continues to be one of our best sellers," said Will Ferrigno Founder & CEO of Assurance Power Systems located in Boca Raton, Fl. The Generac Guardian series continues to be one of the best selling home stand-by generators in the United States of America. In Florida, Miami, FL, West Palm Beach, FL and Ft. Lauderdale FL, interest in the top of the line Guardian 60KW generator has been very impre...


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Get your Generators Ready! Tropical Storm Chantal Forms in Atlantic.

Get your Generators Ready! Tropical Storm Chantal Forms in Atlantic. Florida residents in the mainland U.S. will have to pay attention to this system. The current forecast takes the center of Chantal over the Bahamas Friday into early Saturday, but given the margin of error in the forecast, parts of Florida could be affected as well at the end of the workweek. While it is still early projects, Chantal is expected to bring 50+ mile per hour winds to Florida. Expectations are for flooding, dow...
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Be Prepared for a "Wild Season"

The four major weather forecasting organizations are predicting a very active 2013 Atlantic Hurricane Season.  This is in large part due to the very warm Atlantic and low likelihood of El Niño - El Niño is the atmospheric condition that creates upper level wind shear that can hinder the early development of hurricanes and tropical storms. Colorado State’s Bill Gray and protege Philip Klotzbach, the pioneers of seasonal hurricane forecasting, predict a blockbuster hurricane season, with 18 ...
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Assurance Power Systems Now In Central Connecticut

Assurance Power Systems (APS) provides home standby generators and standby generator services for the entire Central Connecticut area.  Our standby generators will protect your family when the power goes out by providing you with automatic and reliable backup power so you can keep on keeping on. Weather patterns in central Connecticut can be extremely unforgiving. There are possible snow storms, possible hurricanes, drastic differences in temperate with change of the seasons.There are limit...
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