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Commercial Generators for Manufacturing and Warehouse Storage

Emergencies often happen when we least expect them. This does not mean, however, that you can’t be prepared for many of them. We go to great lengths to protect our home and families, but what about our businesses that provide not only for our own families but also for those that we employ. In the event of a hurricane or other emergency in which a widespread power failure occurs, is your facility or storage location prepared to handle such a situation? If your business or even part of it is dependent on your facility being operational, then commercial power generators can be the difference between business as usual and bankruptcy.

Assurance Power Systems can help you review your most critical needs and determine what size Generac commercial power generators would best serve your current needs, while also taking into consideration potential growth of your business and whether your emergency power needs would be appropriate for a few hours or a few weeks.

Emergency generators commercial requirements go well beyond just having a standby generator, having the right generator for your business specific needs can make all the difference. The needs for a medical facility or assisted living center can be very different than those required for a food storage facility.  An Assurance Power Systems professional can help you decide how to best protect your business and those depending on it.

The reasons for installing commercial power generators are quite simple, with safety being a primary concern. Can you really put a price on the safety and security of your employees and those you service? In addition to safety, what is the cost of replacing any of your assets that can be damaged or destroyed by a power outage of a few hours or a few weeks? We mentioned a food storage or distribution facility can be ruined by an interruption in its refrigeration units. Even with insurance, the dollar amount that can be at risk could be significantly greater than the cost of installing a Generac commercial generator.

Finally what price can you put on business continuity? What would any significant down time cost your company? A service or customer care center that goes down due to a power outage can lose much more than a few hours of service, it can lose customers as well.  What is the value lost when compared to the installation of an emergency generator?

Installation of commercial power generators are not a one size fits all proposition, which is why an Assurance Power Systems professional will assist and guide you each step of the way in determining what backup power solution will fit both your needs and your budget!

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