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David Fredrickson Experiences Power Outage the APS Way!

The purpose of my email is to let you know how pleased I was about 4 weeks ago when we had a power line go down which shut down our neighborhood for over 10 hours.

I came home and the generator was running. And it was not the day the generator is supposed to test run; so I knew something was wrong.

I called my son as it was after 5PM and asked if he could swing by and see why the generator was running. He said he would but before he came over... would I please check with a neighbor and see if the power was out.

Sure enough, the power had gone down around 3 or so and my neighbor said the generator kicked on within minutes and had been running ever since.

I called my son back and thanked him for his common sense. (The reason I never suspected a power outage is simple I pulled into my driveway, the garage door went up came in the house,the a/c was running, things seemed normal. I just never suspected the power was down.)

My neighbors wound up brining over all their perishables for the garage fridge as the power was not restored until after midnight.

Though this was the only time I have had my generator come on since its purchase, I wanted to share with you how appreciative  I was and am that I did not lose my fridge and freezer contents, that I was able to still enjoy my dinner and TV, that the a/c and every other item requiring power functioned perfectly throughout the night and that just being able to avoid all that STRESS was worth a great deal to me... not to mention having hot water and a cool, dry interior.

And with techs like Rodell I feel even better about my generator long term knowing you have competent, professional staff providing service long after the initial sale which is why I will keep my service contract up to date.


David Fredrickson
Cornerstone Financial Services, Inc.
4851 W. Hillsboro Blvd. A12
Coconut Creek FL 33073

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