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Enjoy Peace of Mind from Your Generator through the Holidays and Every Year After

Assurance Power Systems offers Mobile Link™ Remote Generator Monitoring to ensure
your nights remain bright…and warm

Everyone living is South Florida is well versed on the importance of having a residential or commercial backup generator during hurricane season. Those resistant to the notion might not be taking a sober look at the increased frequency of outages in the other months of the year, especially around the holidays as there continues to be more and more strain put on our power grids. They might say, “I don’t want to make that sort of investment when I have no idea if it’s going to work when I need it!” For that argument, Assurance Power Systems (APS) has you covered.

The Mobile Link Remote Monitoring System was designed to accurately (and near instantly) diagnose any issues with your generator system before they cause a so-called “fail-to-start” scenario. Now it doesn’t matter if it’s a hurricane, sudden winter cold front, or someone crashing into a nearby transformer, you can have the confidence that comes from purchasing a standby generator solution that will not fail regardless of the emergency.

Coverage upon which South Floridians can rely

Wherever you might live in South Florida (from Jupiter to Hollywood, Wellington to Weston), Mobile Link Remote Monitoring Systems run wirelessly, and represents the most reliable (and cost-effective) method of accurately diagnosing any generator issues. Operating in real time, it monitors the status of your generator’s oil pressure and temperature, coolant level (and temperature), battery voltage and charge level, generator voltage and current, the transfer switch status, and much more.

It is the most advanced remote monitoring and diagnostic tool available for generator systems today, almost especially because it was built for South Florida homes and businesses. It will start your system remotely and provide a complete condition assessment, monitoring the battery voltage, system alarms, exercise cycles and more…it really is the equivalent of having a technician giving your system a checkup 24-hours a day, 365-days a year.

There are even cellular-based functions like fuel usage and level monitoring, although additional charges do apply.

Improving on the past to secure your power in the future

While today’s generator systems are far more reliable than ever before, the factors mentioned above (and many more) reduce the chances of your generator being reliable all year around. No generator is impervious to all the failures we have discussed, and every generator eventually fails to start if the battery and fuel go continuously without being periodically checked. To this day, wireless remote monitoring represents the most dependable way to detect problems early and, most importantly, to prevent a failure before it happens (which is usually when it is least convenient).

Generators are no different than any mechanical equipment: it is going to require preventative and corrective maintenance. Our network of technicians is the envy of the industry, and that network can be mobilized to any South Florida location in the event of an extended, widespread power outage. Our technicians and management staff have all received factory training and hands-on field experience, so you know whomever you speak with at APS, they are a generator professional.

The same is true for commercial and industrial generator service, plus we have extensive experience with commercial generator installation and replacements.

Reports and critical alerts

Your monitoring systems can be programmed to provide regular reports regarding your fuel levels, battery conditions, and exercise schedules. The Mobile Link software is easy to access via laptop, PC, or smartphone, and the programs and apps provide continuously updated information. With these applications, you yourself will have the power to remotely start or stop, load or unload the generator, and operate relays.

When a problem occurs or safety parameters are breached, the program can shut the generator down and notify APS that service is required. This not only protects the generator, but any sensitive machinery connected to the same power supply.

Also important, the remote monitoring alerts generator repair technicians if any parts are damaged. This way a technician will show up to your home or business with the correct replacement parts first thing. Whether it is a new control board or speed senser, they will have all the information required before they leave to service your unit. This saves time, reduces expenses, and minimizes the disruption to your power supply.

Call or contact APS to learn more!

It is our pleasure to answer your questions any help you identify the right monitoring solution for your South Florida home or business. Give APS a call today at 561.886.0470, or contact us here, for more information about remote generator monitoring…and have a safe and happy holiday season!

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