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5 Powerful Reasons You Need a Backup Diesel Generator

Worried about that next power outage?


You don't have to be. You can actually be prepared for any power cut in the United States by having a backup generator on hand.


When deciding on which generator is the best for you, we definitely recommend checking out a diesel generator.


Read on to learn more about why you need a backup diesel generator today.


1. Your Diesel Generator Is Cost-Effective


There are many types of backup generators out there. The primary difference between backup generators is the fuel they use to operate.


Backup generators can run off of propane, gasoline, natural gas, or diesel.


Diesel generators are actually going to be the least expensive of the fuel options out there, and will give you the most power for the input of fuel. These generators produce at least 150 kW of power when running.


Diesel fuel is also always in supply, and not expensive to obtain.


These generators are generally the most cost-effective models available to consumers, and will meet most power needs.


2. Be Prepared for Any Situation Long Term


Your backup residential generator should help you get through any power outage in any situation, whether you are preparing for a hurricane or a tropical storm.


A diesel generator is specifically designed to endure rugged conditions and last you long term. Residential diesel generators can supply 8 to 150 kW while commercial ones can provide up to a whopping 2000 kW.


If you are deciding to invest in a generator, it makes sense to choose one that is going to support you and your home for years to come.


3. Choose a Safe and Predictable Option


The great thing about diesel generators is the fact that its fuel source is less flammable than other options out there.


This means that diesel generators are the least potentially hazardous to consumers. This is important, as many power outages occur during water-heavy tropical events.


4. Diesel Generators Are Easy to Operate


Backup generators can be a bit intimidating to first-time purchasers. With a diesel generator, you are looking at straightforward maintenance and easy operation.


This is especially true if you have your generator professionally installed.


Make sure that you are aware of basic generator safety procedures when operating your backup generator.


Choosing Your Backup Generator


It's important to have a reliable and cost-effective backup generator on hand for whenever disaster strikes.


This is why diesel generators are an excellent option for families looking to have backup power in their homes across the U.S. Diesel generators are easy to operate and maintain and are quite cost-effective. Their power output is extremely high compared to other fuel sources.


At Assurance Power Systems, we provide the best residential generator sales and service in South Florida. Allow us to help you find the backup generator that is ideal for your home, and wow you with our amazing customer service.


Check out our backup generator selection today to be prepared for that next power outage!


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