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A Review of Guardian Generators

Anyone who has lived through the aftermath of a brutal hurricane understands the importance of electricity, and just how scarce a commodity it becomes after a big storm.

As of February, 25% of Puerto Rico is still without power following Hurricane Maria.

To mitigate the stress and damage of a hurricane or, really anything that causes power failure, you're going to want a contingency plan. That plan involves the use of a generator.

But which generator should you buy? Which ones are the best?

It's hard to decide, but in this post, we'll conduct a review of a few Guardian generators to see if they're up to snuff.

A Breakdown of Guardian Generators

Generac's Guardian generators make up an expansive line with several different size and power options, and your choice will depend upon your needs such as the size of your home as well as how much of your home you want to supply power to.

Luckily, whatever your needs, Generac has a generator for you.

7035 Generac Guardian Generator (16KW)

Unless you own a mansion, this generator is perfectly suited to run your whole house. It's got a 999 horsepower engine that can consistently deliver 16 kilowatts of power at all times. With residential generators, you don't really need to go overboard in regard to power.

Despite it's size, however, this generator stays pretty quiet and even has a quiet self-test mode that reduces the generator's RPM.

This particular unit also comes with a weather-proof protective coating, can sustain 150 mph winds, and even has a 5-year warranty.

Generac Guardian 6270 50Hz (10KW)

This generator is a little smaller, so it is best suited for smaller homes or for folks that only wish to keep certain appliances at home powered with electricity during an emergency.

For this reason, this choice is more economical and it burns less gas, but the trade-off is less luxury than the 16 or even bigger 20 or 22KW versions.

This generator is also Mobile Link compatible, which means if you download Generac's smartphone app you can monitor the generator's performance even if you're away from home.

Unfortunately, this generator only comes with a 3-year warranty, and due to its small size it can only hold up to 1.6-1.8 L of fuel.

Generac 7029 Guardian Generator (9KW)

This is the smallest and thusly the quietest and fuel-efficient generator on this list. For those of you that don't want to break the bank and just want to keep the food from spoiling in your refrigerator when you run out of power, this is your best bet.

Like the previous generators, this one also comes with Mobile Link compatibility, a 5-year-warranty, and a weather-proof outer shell.

Final Thoughts

Guardian generators are a very solid line of generators to choose from. They have all of the bells & whistles you'd need in a generator, with all of the reliability you could ask for.

If you're confused about which size generator to buy, try our generator size calculator or give us a call today at (561) 886-0470 for a free quote!

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