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Annual Cost of Power Outages in the US


It may seem hard to believe but the annual cost of power outages just from severe storms alone can range in the tens of billions of dollars! With major storms anticipated to increase in frequency and an aging power grid that has begun falter, many companies are simply not prepared to handle the issues that a loss of power would bring. Power outages of just a few hours are increasing in frequency and prolonged outages are also on the rise with the cost of power outages potentially devastating to businesses and homes alike.

According to the below infographic from Kohler Generators,even brief power outages of an hour or less can add up to significant losses, in fact research shows that in the case of medium to large businesses suffering loss of power for  just a few hours, the annual cost of power outages can cost the US economy over a $150 billion dollars.

For the homeowner the cost of power outages can be equally shocking, especially after factoring in the cost of damage to the home, food loss, clean-up and the cost to find alternate housing.  Back-up power is essential to ensure the comfort and safety of a family due to loss of power to appliances and other things that we depend upon on a daily basis. The professional staff at Assurance Power Systems is here to assist both business and homeowners in developing a sound strategy to mitigate the cost of power outages, and more importantly to ensure the safety and security of your family.


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