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Benefits of Using Natural Gas


In 2012 about 30% of the energy consumed in the US was obtained from natural gas (source). That's a pretty big chunk of energy.


Despite this, many people don't even consider natural gas as an option, meaning that they miss out on many important benefits.


Wondering whether natural gas is the right choice for your home or business?


Maybe you're worried about:


  • Reliability
  • Cost
  • Environmental impact
  • Efficiency


It can be hard to figure out what's what when it comes to energy. Luckily for you, we're here to help.


Read on to learn the key benefits of using natural gas on your property - some of them may surprise you.


More Efficient Energy


One of the most effective ways to reduce emissions and make running a home cheaper is to choose the most efficient power source.


It's been found that natural gas is much more efficient than traditional energy sources, with new technology constantly evolving to further boost efficiency.


Many gas appliances also work more efficiently than their traditional alternatives, helping you save energy every day.


Chance to Save Money


The majority of natural gas appliances cost much less to run than their electrical alternatives. Add this to increased efficiency, and you can make some serious savings.


For example, choosing natural gas to heat your home and water can result in a huge saving over the years when compared to the cost of electrical heating.


In some areas, it's possible to receive rebates when you choose natural gas, which is a nice added bonus.


Better for the Environment


Are you worried about the environmental impact of your energy consumption?


Is so, natural gas is an excellent choice.


Homes which run using natural gas produce much less CO2 than those which are purely electric. On top of that, the increased efficiency of natural gas means you'll also be using less energy overall, making your home even more eco-friendly.


You don't need to make dramatic lifestyle changes or compromise on convenience to help reduce your impact. Even switching some of your appliances from electric to gas can make a huge difference to the planet. 


Less Risk of Outages


How much do you hate power outages?


They're inconvenient, annoying, and can be irritatingly regular.


However, there is a solution.


Most natural gas appliances work even when the electricity is down, so you'll still be able to enjoy all your home comforts - heating, hot water, etc. This provides great peace of mind and is ideal for families.


With natural gas, you'll no longer be dependent on unreliable electricity to run your appliances.


Using Natural Gas Supports US Industry


As well as providing reliable energy to home and business owners and helping the environment, choosing natural gas is a great way to support industry in the US.


The Laborers International Union of North America points out that increased use of natural gas will create jobs while reducing emissions - it's a win-win.


Want to save money, help the environment, and support your country?


Then using natural gas is a no-brainer. Look into making the switch to gas today.


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