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Best Commercial Generators and Maintenance Services for Health Care Facilities

Unlike power outages in residential areas, the power in health facilities must run seamlessly without disruption at all times. Life support systems, operating rooms, and patient care activities must continue without experiencing power outages that normally occurs during thunderstorms, tornadoes, earthquakes and other unexpected events. Fortunately, today’s advanced technologies have made it possible for companies like Assurance Power Systems to provide the best backup solutions for healthcare applications. The role that Assurance Power Systems plays does not only include installing the best possible backup systems for healthcare facilities, but also maintaining them so that they will never fail, especially in times when they are needed most. So, for those of you who are interested in investing in a commercial generator for healthcare facilities, here’s some information that help you to choose Assurance Power Systems for all of your needs.

Basics of Commercial Backup Generator Solutions

Because of the vital importance of commercial generators in any healthcare facility, the commercial generators that the staff invests in can make a major difference between lives being saved, lives being lost and the care that is given to each patient. So, it is essential that the decision makers in healthcare facilities all over the U.S. are doing a thorough job of researching what is available in the industry today. For instance, there are some key features that the staff should look for and require before an investment is made. Some of the top features and services are provided below.

Look for a One Stop Shop Commercial Backup Generator System Company

There are numerous factors that must be considered when choosing a company to supply a commercial generator for a health facility. One of the most important is making sure the equipment that is being supplied is completely reliable, designed to accommodate the needs of the facility in question, and can be depended upon during the most critical times. With this in mind, this is what Assurance Power Systems can offer to their health facilities. Starting with the installation process, which also entails the following benefits:

• Engineered poured concrete slabs
• Dedicated customer support staff
• Professional turnkey generator installations
• Complete use analysis to determine the right product for each application
• NFPA 110 compliant installation

Commercial Generator Maintenance

In addition to providing custom installations, our team of professionals also offers end to end maintenance solutions. We are more than a retail commercial generator supplier, especially since we have the in-house capability to provide comprehensive maintenance services, which includes the following:

• Remote Monitoring
• Warranty repairs on most major brands
• Load bank services
• Start-ups
• Fuel Polishing
• Preventative Maintenance Agreements
• Extended warranties
• Routine maintenance services

Choosing the best commercial generator for a health care facility does not have to be difficult if you know what to look for. In fact, when you review Assurance Power Systems to see what we are providing to our clients, you will find that we have a comprehensive solution that will take care of all of you facility’s needs and requirements. From a customized installation to remote monitoring, APS offers all of the services that are needed to ensure a fully functioning commercial healthcare generator system, so you are never left in the dark. Contact us today to learn more and receive your FREE quote!

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