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Bi-Fuel Innovation: Combining The Longer Running Times of Natural Gas and The Power of Diesel

Power outages happen for many different reasons. Anything from severe weather to human error can effectively shut off electricity to your business. You’ve already taken precautions to ensure you are protected by installing a backup generator. While a single fuel generator will keep things up and running for a while, it’s only a matter of time before your generator dries up. In times of crisis fuel is allocated to where it is most needed. Road blockages may thwart any efforts to replenish your diesel fuel supply, leaving you in the dark.

With a Generac bi-fuel generator you have a reliable and continuous source of fuel in your business’ time of need. With its dual-fuel reliability, Generac bi-fuel generator starts by using diesel and adds natural gas as time goes on and the supply depletes. Once the diesel is gone, the generator switches completely to natural gas. Natural gas lines are statistically proven to remain reliable during power outages, when diesel is the most difficult to come by.


How Can Bi-Fuel Benefit Your Business?

1. Risk Mitigation - While purchasing a diesel generator may seem like the most cost effective choice for your business, a power outage can damage infrastructure. When this damage occurs, refueling your generator with diesel becomes challenging or at worst impossible. Using a redundant fuel option will mitigate this risk by predominantly operating through use of utility supplied natural gas. Longer running times for your generator means less risk for your business. With this added value, it is easy to see how the Generac bi-fuel generator beats out diesel every time.

>2. More Cost Effective - Natural gas is less expensive than diesel, and the main source of fuel for the Generac bi-fuel generator meaning lower long term costs for your business. Any maintenance costs associated with your generator are also greatly reduced since much less diesel is required on site.

3. Fully Integrated to Suit The Needs of Your Business - Generac bi-fuel Generators are compatible with the Generac Modular Power System (MPS). As your power needs and your business grow, you can install more power easily.

4. Code Compliant - Generac bi-fuel generators are NEC and NFPA compliant and due to the reduced need for on-site diesel, receiving your permit is a much easier process.

5. Going Green - Generac offers the only EPA compliant bi-fuel generator. They are a business committed to reducing their carbon footprint and make it their mission to be as environmentally friendly as possible.


Building Long Term Relationships

The inner workings of every Generac generator have been specifically engineered to work seamlessly together. Generac stands by the excellence of their products and with quality support and a full factory warranty. The heavy duty base frames of Generac generators work in combination with generator enclosures ensuring high durability and protection from the elements to keep your business up and running.

The Generac bi-fuel generator offers protection, value, and peace of mind to any growing business. To learn more, contact Assurance Power Systems today either online or by phone at (561) 866-0470.

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