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Commercial Generators for Small Business

It’s common knowledge now that the changes in the climate are causing weather patterns to shift all over the world, causing serious damage to buildings and energy infrastructures. Coupled with an ever-growing population, this has been putting a lot of strain on energy supplies in the major cities of every developed nation. Despite the huge amount of money and effort small business owners put into starting their ventures, many fail to protect themselves against this threat. Here’s why commercial backup generators are so useful and important for small businesses, especially in South Florida…


Prevention of Data Loss

Almost every modern business is what we used to call “data intensive”, and stores massive amounts of customer data that needs to be accessed constantly for day to day operations. With this element to modern business, constant and reliable power is absolutely essential.

For a South Florida small business, even a short amount of downtime can destroy years of work and investment. The best way to protect your small business against this is investing in a commercial backup generator. In the event of a power outage, a good commercial generator will switch on in ten seconds or less.


Consistent Power Means Better Productivity

This is one of the biggest selling points for commercial backup generators. Every good small business owner is constantly striving to make their operation more productive and efficient. A big enough power disruption can bring this grinding to a halt; any CEO’s worst nightmare! Your best bet for stopping your important operations from freezing in a power outage is having a generator on standby. This will allow you to keep all your managers and employees making the most of their time in any working day. In the event of any minor power outage, commercial generators allow a small business to carry on as normal until the power comes back on. Think business-critical for a moment. What measures have you taken to protect your business’s productivity rate in the event of a power outage? What ongoing processes can’t your business survive without? If you’re fairly exposed to the looming threat of a power cut, then investing in a commercial generator could provide you with a much-needed safety net.


Saving Money on your Commercial Property

Obviously, you need energy coming into your commercial premises to power computers, equipment, CCTV, appliances, and anything else that runs on electricity. If there’s a single power interruption, the whole property can just become a building that isn’t doing much of anything! In some cases, sudden power outages can even damage equipment beyond repair, requiring you to foot the bill for their replacement. By and large, the cost of other forms of backup power for a commercial premise is going to be much higher than having a backup generator linked up to the equipment and devices that you can’t afford to compromise. For a South Florida small business, it may not always be practical to back up the entire building, but choosing the assets to protect wisely can save you a small fortune.


Contact Your South Florida Commercial Generator Experts

If you are a small business owner in South Florida and are ready to protect yourself from power outages, contact the experts at Assurance Power Systems today! You can reach us online or by phone at 561-886-0470!

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