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Generac 48kW In Boca Raton, FL With Custom Concrete Slab

AssuranGenerac 48kW on Raised Slabce Power Systems recently installed a Generac 48kW Quietsource Automatic Standby Generator at a residence in East Boca Raton that required an elevated slab because of it's proximity to the Intracoastal Waterway. The Generac 48kW generator is perfect for this application because of it's reliability, low sound levels, and aluminum enclosure.

Custom Concrete Slab

This installation required elevating the generator 2 feet from the surrounding grade in order to meet the base flood elevation.  We formed and poured a custom concrete slab to provide a solid 2 foot high base under the generators. 

generac 48kw generator

Custom Electrical Connection Vault

We spared no detail and built a custom vault into the slab that allows the electrical piping to come from underneath and into the wiring termination box.

48kw generator

Whole House Power!

In order to provide a whole house solution, we paired this Generac 48kW Automatic Standby Generator with a 400 Amp Service Rated Automatic Transfer Switch.  This transfer switch will feed the entire house so that when the power goes out, every single light, appliance, and air conditioning unit in this house will stay on.  The Generac 48kW Quietsource is truly the Cadillac Escalade of generators.

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