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Generac: A Company Built on Excellence

For over 50 years Generac has been dedicated to providing generators that outperform all the rest. Generac maintains high standards for quality and respect. They understand the necessity in addressing common issues and questions involved in every aspect of purchasing and maintaining a generator and make it their mission to create solutions for you. Generac is committed to providing a top tier generator experience for your business.


Exceeding the Needs of Your Business

1. Comprehensive Genset Paralleling - When you purchase a generator through Generac you have access to their intuitive Modular Power System (MPS). The MPS eradicates the need for a traditional switchgear. As your business and power needs grow, you can expand your MPS to accommodate using a Generac “add-on”. This ingenious system negates the need to have gensets right next to each other. The MPS can be paralleled across wide spaces. Generac additionally provides the option of medium voltage in their innovative lower kw, providing increased safety to any workers that may be in close proximity to the generator.

Green Business Practices - Choosing Generac as your generator provider means choosing an eco-friendly business. Generac has won multiple awards due to their astounding excellence in reducing harmful emissions. An increasing amount of AHJ’s are acknowledging natural gas generators due to their subterranean pipeline network rarely affected by severe weather.

Unsurpassed Reliability - Generac takes quality control very seriously, testing and analyzing every single component before assembly. All individual elements are put through a rigorous vetting process. Testing techniques include structural endurance, transient response, cooling system performance, torsional analysis, maximum motor starting, and a set of highly specialized tests for cooling system analysis. Generac is compliant with all industry standards including UL2200, NFPA 110, NEC,and CSA.

Providing Variety For Your Power Needs - Every business has different power needs. With their innovative MPS technology your business can choose from a range of power providers from with the 15kw generator to the 2mw model. The use of MPS integrating system provides power options all the way up to 100mw. Paralleling powerful diesel gensets with bi-fuel natural gas generators equates to longer run times and a more reliable experience over all.


A Uniquely Personalized Experience With Generac

With over 5 decades of experience in the generator field, there is nothing this business can’t handle. Whether your business is located in a geographically difficult to reach area, or subject the specialized permit and zoning requirements, Generac has seen it all. Their team of highly specialized generator professionals are standing by and ready to tackle any unforeseen obstacles to get the job done right the first time. Generac doesn’t stop at top quality equipment or expert installation, they go above and beyond to provide excellence in customer service. 24 hours a day, 7 day a week their highly qualified customer support team is ready to answer any concerns or questions that may arise. With commitment and dedication like this, it is easy to see why so many businesses have chosen Generac as their source for generators.

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