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Generator Remote Monitoring and Control with GenStar


As the most advanced remote generator monitoring system on the market today, GenStar remote monitoring systems provide peace of mind by giving you a wireless, reliable, and cost-effective solution to accurately detect issues before your generator fails. It allows our experienced technicians to not only start and stop your generator remotely, but also diagnose and sometimes fix issues without ever having to send someone out to your house. This allows us to get you up and running again in record time.

You have a lot to remember each day – let the professionals at APS handle your generator monitoring, it’s what we do best! Call us today at 561-886-0470 to learn more!


Benefits of GenStar

While people may need to sleep, the GenStar remote monitoring system does not. It’s like having a technician looking over your system 24/7, 365 days a year! While it is true that today’s generators are more reliable than ever, there are still plenty of reasons why one may fail – luckily the GenStar system monitors all facets of your generator to ensure it is running at 100%:

       Battery voltage

       The fuel usage and level

       Coolant temperatures

       System alarms

       The exercise cycles

Much More!


This data allows us to troubleshoot your generator in real-time without having to dispatch a technician. We’ve found that about 50% of issues can be cleared remotely, saving you time and money, and most importantly keeping your lights on!


GenStar Pricing

Assurance Power Systems provides generator remote monitoring and control for residential and commercial applications! Residential pricing starts at $150 for installation plus $250/year (with a three-year commitment required). Our commercial customers can contact us at 877-499-9500 to learn more about pricing options.


Learn More About Generator Remote Monitoring and Control Today!

No matter the brand, or how expensive a generator is, it will eventually fail to start if things like battery and fuel are constantly ignored. So why not let us keep an eye on all of that for you? The GenStar Remote Monitoring System is not only convenient, but also a cost-effective way to get the peace of mind that comes with knowing your generator is ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Contact Assurance Power Systems today to speak with one of our friendly representatives about the Genstar remote generator monitoring system. Call us today at 561-886-0470 to find out more!


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