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How to Find the Best Tankless Water Heater


As energy costs continue to rise in the United States, both homeowners and business owners are looking for ways to decrease costs. The best tankless water heater products are a great way to get dependable hot water and lower utility bills at the same time.


All tankless hot water heaters are not created equal, though. With gas and electric options, and different sizes and models available, the choice can be confusing.


Make sure you have the facts before you buy.


Follow this guide and you'll find the best tankless hot water heater for your home or business.


Gas Vs. Electric Costs


Is gas or electric better when it comes to buying a tankless hot water heater? This is the core question for most people as it affects cost, efficiency, and installation.


Tankless gas water heaters offer lower operating costs from the start. That said, they will be more expensive to buy and install.


If your main concern is the availability of water, both are great residential solutions. While a gas heater may allow more gallons per minute, the electric offers enough for a small family as well.


Tankless Water Heater Installation


Homeowners and business owners in South Florida may be interested in installing their tankless hot water heater outdoors. Electric heaters are sleeker in their design and may be easier to install.


For home and business owners looking for a price benefit immediately, the electric option is the best tankless water heater option with great cost breaks. Electric may be easier to install, less expensive at the outset, and still capable of achieving long-term savings.


Access to Hot Water


For homeowners and business owners, there is nothing more disheartening than needing hot water and finding the tank has gone empty. In the home, this can mean the surprise cold showers at the worst possible time.


For commercial applications, businesses can grind to a standstill without the proper access to hot water.


Tankless models offer the benefits of a seemingly endless supply of hot water. One of the best ways to decide the best size of your tankless hot water heater is to find how much access you need.




Don't make the mistake of forgetting about maintenance when making your choice. Electric heaters are much easier to maintain.


While you may save on long-term utility costs with gas, you will have to spend more on maintenance as well.


The Best Tankless Water Heater for All Conditions


Once you know the benefits of finding and purchasing the best tankless water heater in South Florida you are halfway there. Homeowners and business owners in South Florida know that operating in all conditions means having access to power whenever you need it.


Florida has seen record-breaking Hurricane Seasons in recent times. In order for your hot water and overall operations to perform without downtime, you need the best in backup power.


Assurance Power Systems is the provider of choice for people all over South Florida. We help with generator installation, generator replacement, financing, and service.


You can get the most of your hot water every day. Come find out more about why our customers continually choose Assurance Power Systems, or contact us today at (561) 886-0470


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