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How to Shut Off Your Generator in an Emergency


The storm has passed and the power company has done its job and electricity is now back on, but your generator is still running. This is pretty normal as most emergency generators are designed to continue running for a few minutes after power is restored in order to make certain that the flow of electricity from the utility company is continuous and stable.


However, in rare circumstances it may become necessary to turn off generator power prematurely in order to protect the generator from damage. Commonly, with most quality generators from companies such as Generac, an alarm will sound indicating something is wrong. Malfunctions such as low coolant levels or discovering a leak in the oil or cooling system should require system shut down. In these instances it is important to know the quick and proper methods to safely shut the generator down.


Should the need arise to shut off a Generac standby generator, you would first need to unlock the cover of the unit and look on the right side for a switch indicating  Auto, Off and Manual. Just switch the unit off. It may sound simple and it actually is, but keep in mind if your generator is running you may be in the middle of a storm and power could be out, so take all necessary safety precautions while doing this. Most potential issues however, are discovered during routine checks and maintenance by experts such the technicians at Assurance Power Systems, so problems are few and far between.


You may want to turn off generator power to conserve fuel or do minor maintenance during periods of extended power outages. Should this be the case you would want to first allow the generator to cool down for a minute or so before actually shutting a generator down. You can start this process by turning off any big load items in your home such as air conditioners and washing machines. Then turn off the breaker switch on your generator and the breaker in the transfer switch. You can now safely turn off the generator.


Assurance Power Systems and Generac generators are both recognized as quality, just give them a call and the experts at APS will be happy to explain everything you need to know about a standby generator. Their maintenance plans will ensure your generator will help keep your family or business safe and secure for many years to come.


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