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Industrial Generators: Manufacturing and Warehouse

As large manufacturing plants and warehouses integrate more digital technology into their operations and processes at a rapid pace, having reliable access of consistent power and electricity has emerged as an increasingly important consideration. In the event of a power outage, mechanical error or human miscalculation, the losses in productivity, costs and quality of services could be devastating for the warehouse or industrial plant that ripple throughout each department of the entire company. Assurance Power Systems (APS) carries Generic brand generators that offer sensible and cost effective solutions for large manufacturing plants and warehouses that understand the need for backup power solutions

The power does not have to be out for an entire day in order for a plant or warehouse to experience the disruption that is caused when production is halted. Only a few seconds of lost productivity can be powerful enough to disrupt an entire day, causing loss of inventory or products, delayed or canceled shipments, poor employee production, and delivery of inferior products and services to consumers. For large manufacturers who run enormous facilities with numerous machines operating simultaneously in high column, the loss of a single second in productivity could be significantly costly and cause the company to lose out on potential profits, as well as use gained profits to cover the costs associated with recuperating the operation fully

According to a study reported by the Electric Power Research Institute, some companies within certain industries are susceptible to losing approximately $6.45 million for each hour of downtime the company experiences. When considering average sized organizations, a single hour of downtime will amount to about $10,000 in losses. This adds up to $3.679 million each year in losses. Even more, Beyond Technology reported that businesses in America lose out on $12 billion annually because of data that is lost when the operation power is interrupted

In regards to downtime, there are several areas of the business that are affected. Employees are being paid for time in which they are not productive and deliveries are not being prepared, which leads to dissatisfied customers. Discounts of products or services may be given out to make up for inconveniences, further decreasing profits. The production line will be seriously disrupted, resulting in everything from defective products to unmet quotas. And since many companies are charged with the responsibility to protect and maintain critical data and services that have a lasting impact on outside stakeholders, losses that are suffered are multiplied, which leads to increased total financial and operational costs.

Having a warehouse or industrial generator at the manufacturing site will eliminate the risk for downtime experiences by ensuring that the facility always maintains consistent access to power. In the event that the main supply of electricity is disrupted, the industrial generator will seamlessly maintain the power consistency throughout the building. By not having to worry about even a single moment of downtime, having a generator installed and serviced by Assurance Power Systems (APS) protects the organization from the threat of lost productivity, reduction in profitability, and the negative impacts on the level of customer satisfaction.

Also, facility employees must remain productive. Manufacturers specifically are required to maintain consistent production otherwise experience crippling setback. When employees are not performing efficiently due to the loss of power, the ripple effect is costly. With sustained power, employees are able to maintain the pace and momentum towards meeting necessary production quotas. This unique and innovative approach virtually eliminates downtime risk – enabling companies to protect against lost productivity and profitability for a sustainable competitive advantage.

Assurance Power Systems provides backup power solutions for manufacturing and warehousing companies that require seamless operation. With a warehouse generator or industrial generator, businesses implement a comprehensive continuity of operation, efficient power recovery after a natural disaster, and a permanent backup solution established in order to eliminate the possibility of experiencing downtime as well as mitigate the loss of data and digital files. The generators solve the concerns for quality of service and production while providing the peace of mind knowing your profits and bottom line is protected


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