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Power Generator Sizing Tips

Determining the right size generator to power your home or business can be a daunting task, and the best way to do this to have an Assurance Power Systems professional work with you on power generator sizing. If you purchase a standby generator that is too small it can not only overburden the generator possibly damaging it while not supplying sufficient power for you needs, but it can also cause damage to some of the appliances connected to it. Deciding on what size generator to buy should take into consideration several factors dependent on your actual need for power.One of the first things you should do when working on the issue of power generator sizing is to make a list of those appliances and other items that you deem essential in the event of a loss of power. You may add to this list not only those things that keep you safe and secure but also any items you consider important for comfort and continuity as well. This would hold true for both home and business.

Quality companies such as Generac make available generator sizing calculators to assist you in finding the right size generator for your requirements. One of the most common errors that people make when purchasing a standby generator is to purchase one that is too small for their needs. With the help of an Assurance Power Systems professional you can calculate the total power requirements for your specific home or business, including both the initial starting wattage of an appliance and the subsequent running wattage. This is important as the amount of power it takes to start an air conditioner or a refrigerator compressor may be considerably more than to maintain it after it is running. An important rule of thumb is to always err on the larger size to some extent in order to avoid under sizing and possible damage to appliance and generator.

Another thing to discuss with an APS technician is the installation of transfer switch which easily and safely directs power from your emergency generator to those designated circuits that you have chosen. When power goes out and your generator goes on, the transfer switch automatically directs the power. When grid power is restored the transfer switch returns control to the normal power grid.

Choosing the right size generator is as simple as deciding what items you need or can’t live without, and ensuring that the backup generator you choose can safely handle those items and perhaps a bit more. Between the staff at Assurance Power Systems and a list of your power needs, choosing the correct size generator is as easy calling APS for a free quote!

You can also visit the Generac generator sizing tool to get an idea before you call!


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