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What are the Benefits of Backup Power for Telecom Companies?

A power outage means bad news for anybody who relies on electricity. But for telecom companies, the consequences are even worse.


Losing power means that a telecom company can't function normally, for however long the electricity is gone. That's why many companies have turned to backup power systems as an emergency option to keep functioning normally during those power outages.


Still not convinced that backup power is the best option for you? Then there's a good chance you're misinformed.


Here are the main benefits of having a backup system.


Keep Your Customers Happy


Despite the promises of electrical companies, outages are a regular occurrence. Whether it's every year or every decade, caused by a storm or a random mistake, outages have proven to happen consistently.


Across outages, one characteristic rings true: the people affected suffer. Everything involved in a normal day dissolved during an outage, including cell service.


Even when the power comes back on, cell service doesn't always return immediately. That's because outages can shut down telecom companies, too.


That won't happen to you if you have a backup source of power. Your customers will immediately have service when the power comes back. And they'll be grateful for it.


Pad Your Own Wallet


A more internal consequence of not having a backup source of power during an outage is cost. When your system is down, you're missing out on the opportunity to serve customers, which means lost profit potential.


Plus, more importantly, your machines are complex and high-powered. A sudden lack of power will force them to shut down.


Rebooting them can be a costly affair, not to mention any maintenance that will come. But by installing a backup plan, you'll be assured that you won't take losses like that.


Savings in that context are the same thing as making more money. It's yet another reason that you need the assurance of backup power source.


Be Powered Through the Long Haul


This reason is part practical and part psychological. On the one hand, having a backup source of power will let you stay functioning no matter what is happening in the world. It's the same reason that anyone would install a generator in their home.


But there's a mental component to that assurance, as well. Knowing that you'll always be in power will allow you to invest more confidently in your business.


Any new technology you want to implement that needs to run constantly or a promise to a customer that you'd like to keep--these are both parts of your business that need the assurance of a generator.


Make the Upgrade to Backup Power


By installing a backup power system, you'll be assured of total functioning, regardless of what's happening outside. If a power outage affects a community, you can be the company that gives them service, allowing them to take one step toward a more regular day.


Looking to install your system, or simply want a question answered? Reach out to our team today. We can get you started.


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