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What To Do After A Hurricane

We are right in the middle of hurricane season in South Florida. It’s important to take certain precautions before a storm hits to ensure personal safety and minimize damage to your property. Experiencing a hurricane can be emotionally traumatic. After a hurricane hits there are a few important rules you should follow to keep both you and your family safe. We at Assurance Power Systems have compiled a list of safety tips and considerations for your well-being. Read through these carefully and stay safe this hurricane season.

After The Storm

  • Stay Informed - Tune in to your local South Florida news stations on the radio and on TV. The local news is an important resource for information on medical aid and where you can find food and shelter. These stations will post any important bulletins regarding the storm.
  • You Might Not Have Access To Your Home - Stay patient as emergency crews work to clear roads and downed power lines. Some people may be trapped and in need of emergency rescue. If you cannot access your home right away, post up somewhere safe while the professionals work.
  • No Matches - There may be gas leaks in storm ravaged areas. Lighting a match could be dangerous. Use flashlights to avoid injury.
  • Avoid Sightseeing - While it may be tempting to assess damages for yourself, you might be mistaken for a looter.
  • Keep Your I.D. On You - After a hurricane identification checkpoints are common. You may have to pass through a checkpoint before you are able to return home.
  • Downed Power Lines Are Dangerous - Even if a downed powerline looks harmless, there is still a risk of electrocution.
  • Keep The Power Off - If there is any flooding in your home it’s best to contact a professional before attempting to use your electricity.
  • Metal Objects Conduct  Electricity - Be wary of any metal fences or objects near downed power lines. It’s best to avoid touching any metal after a storm.
  • Record Damages - Before you attempt any clean up or repairs take pictures and video to log all damages.
  • Avoid Flooded Areas - Do not attempt to wade or swim through flooded areas. There could be dangerous debris under the surface and the water likely contains harmful contaminants.
  • Boiled Or Bottled Water Only - Always assume tap water is unsafe to ingest after a hurricane.
  • Hire A Professional - If your home requires repairs it’s best to stay safe and call in professionals. Contact electricians, gas professionals, and plumbers instead of attempting to make repairs yourself.
  • Pest Patrol - After a hurricane there can be an upsurge of rats, mice, snakes, and insects that could pose a potential danger to you.
  • Practice Caution Around Downed Trees - Downed trees can contain powerlines. It’s best to avoid touching them if possible.

Assurance Power Systems: Here To Help

Keep the lights on and stay safe this hurricane season. If you need an emergency replacement generator or if you are a current customer with Assurance Power Systems and your generator has sustained any damages contact us right away at 561-886-0470.

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