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Ask Assurance #1 - Answering Frequently Asked Questions About Generators

 Why does my Generator start then stop?

Have you ever had a lawnmower, car, or boat engine start up then shut off? Unfortunately, in the world of mechanical equipment, things can happen that cause engines to shut down. The good news is that most generators are equipped with sensors that cause the generator to shut down before damaging itself or your homes electrical equipment. 

Most new Generators are equipped with a shutdown switch that will automatically turn off the generator should the systems sensors detect low oil pressure or insufficient oil supply. This is done to save the Generator from far worse failure until Assurance Power Systems personnel can diagnose and repair any issues. A Generator may start and then stop when the coolant level is very low. This process is designed to prevent any further damage to your Generator. Assurance Power Systems can determine the cause of any coolant leak and take actions to repair it and have your generator functioning properly again. High head pressure on a compressor will also cause a low voltage condition due to overload and may cause the generator to shut off. You can check this by starting the generator with no load and then slowly add load (appliances, etc.) and see if and when the generator shuts down.

Being out of fuel is pretty self-explanatory, however if your fuel pressure is too high or too low it can cause your Generator to shut down. So while today’s generators are robust and very reliable, they can start then stop for a number of reasons. Fortunately, Assurance Power Systems is well versed in making generator repairs and getting your power restored.


Why does my generator not produce electricity?

In some rare instances, your generator might run but not produce electricity. While this is best determined by one of Assurance Power Systems factory certified technicians to properly diagnose and repair your generator the following is a list of potential issues: bad voltage regulator, faulty alternator, bad brushes, or bad electrical connections.


Why does my generator fail to start?

The most common reasons why a generator would fail to start actually have nothing to do with the generator itself, but rather its battery and fuel source. Low battery voltage, which can happen in as little as 18 months in a generator can prevent the engine from starting when you need it most. Assurance Power Systems’ technicians thoroughly test the battery during every scheduled maintenance visit so you can be assured your generator will start during the next power outage. Additionally, your generator can’t start if there is a problem with the fuel source. This can be anything from an empty tank to a faulty fuel regulator.  Assurance Power Systems is a Florida Gas Contractor and can diagnose and repair any potential fuel issue. Be sure to check the level of your propane tank regularly so that it’s full when you need it! Other reasons your generator can fail to start include a common alarm fault, blown fuse, or controller malfunction. Rest assured Assurance Power Systems has a 24 x7 Emergency Service Department that can be dispatched at any time of day should you have a fail to start situation. 




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