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Why You Need Backup Power for Your Retail Store


Imagine all of the things that go wrong when the power goes out:

The employees cannot operate the cash register or conduct debit or credit card transactions, so your business experiences a loss of sales. Many customers will abandon their purchases, further contributing to the profit loss. Deliveries, incoming and outgoing, will be delayed, which leads to angry and dissatisfied customers who may start patronizing your competitors.

During a power outage, the employees are still getting paid their hourly wage, yet they are not performing their duties required to produce the profits that pay their wages. When considering retail stores of average size, 60 minutes of downtime can cost your business approximately $10,000 in loss of profit and production. In America, $3.679 million is lost each year by retail corporations because of the losses associated with the disruption of power. Having a commercial backup generator for retail stores is an efficient way to eliminate the risk of such losses.

The bad news is that retail businesses in South Florida have a high risk for loss of power due to several different factors. The good news is it only takes 44 hours of lost productivity in order for a backup generator to have saved you enough to pay for itself. One hurricane in Florida can have an entire county out of power for a week at a time, so a commercial power generator is sure to pay for itself after just one of Florida's annual hurricane seasons.

Assurance Power has a number of backup power option solutions for retail stores in South Florida. The generators are the solution to eliminating the losses associated with power outages such as loss of sales, costly downtime, delay of deliveries, halting of services and interruption of operational momentum that may cause your employees not to be able to meet their sales quotas. Having a backup generator for your store can eliminate downtime risks due to power outages, since your power will seamlessly remain consistent.

Customers expect that your business remains in operation, regardless of the weather. In fact, bad weather is usually that time that your business needs power the most. Depending on how large your storefront is, you could lose out on as much as $25,000 for each 24 period that your business is without power supply. With a Generac standby power system, you will enjoy constant power supply, even in the event of a power outage. A backup generator for retail will give you a competitive edge over your competitors who neglect to make the investment and are forced to refer their clients to your company as they suffer a significant financial and production loss.

Assurance Power sells backup power generators for retail businesses all over South Florida, so we can help you wherever you are located! Our professionals will help you select the best generator for your particular size of store. We can also handle the regular maintenance and repairs in order to keep your generator running at peak performance for years to come. Contact Assurance Power Systems today to get your free quote!


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