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 If you have a Generac generator and have ever wanted to know "when was the last time it was serviced?" "When does it do its weekly test?" "Why is it running right now?" Or even "did the generator turn on when the power went off during the night?" Keep reading and you could have the answers to these questions and many more anytime and anywhere through your phone, tablet or desktop!

Through the amazing technology of the Mobile Link Cellular LTE monitor you can instantly get the status of your generator from anywhere in the world.  See when it last ran, why it ran (power outage? weekly test? manually started?), when it was last serviced and what that pesky yellow light means. All these answers are at your finger tips on a user friendly platform on your computer, tablet or app on your phone!

Assurance Power Systems is excited to announce the newest monitor available for your Generac! While APS has been installing Mobile Link LTE monitors since Generac first released them in 2019, we have decided it was time to make our valued customers a special offer! 

These new monitors are actually MORE AFFORDABLE than the monitors we previously offered and at $100 less per year you can actually be saving money with this upgrade.

Though our previous monitors were installed under a lease agreement, these new Mobile link monitors are yours to own and keep.  For $350 dollars you get everything; the purchase of the monitor, installation by one of our trained technicians, registration from our staff, an a 1 YEAR FREE subscription.

After your first year, if you are happy with the service and would like us to continue to monitor your generator remotely the subscription is only $150. This covers the entire year, so when you are out of town you can see the activity of your generator and our office staff can too.  In many cases our office staff can diagnose the issue and clear the alarm or fault on your generator, all from our office, saving you the expense of a service call. We can then call you and let you know why your generator was in alarm, what we did to clear it and whether or not your unit will require anything further.

Should you decide you no longer wish to pay for the yearly subscription, no worries! We'll cancel your subscription renewal remotely and the monitor is still yours to keep and can be transferred to a different service provider or reconnected to APS's fleet in the future. 

Interested but not sure if your Generac is compatible with these monitors? Not a problem!  Email us at support@assurancepower.com and put "LTE" in the subject line and we will check your equipment for you.

As always, we appreciate your business and look forward to providing you with more excellent service every day in every way!







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