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Got Gas? Fuel to Power Your Standby Generator

For those people who have invested in or are thinking about investing in a power generator for back-up power needs, extra electrical needs, or live in an area susceptible an important factor to think about should be the type of fuel that is used. There are many sources of fuel for providing electrical energy from the generator including gasoline, natural gas, diesel, solar, wind, and a few other fuel sources as well. The type of fuel selected for a generator can have big impacts on everything from the environment, cost, and electrical output and especially in today’s uncertain supply chain, availability. Energy sources such as gasoline, propane and natural gas are non-renewable whereas solar and wind come free and are renewable but from a availability aspect, somewhat unreliable. If you need immediate or continuous, high-energy output, gasoline and natural gas are better fuel sources. These are just a few of the considerations. Natural gas, however, has some major points over the other fuel sources and is recommended for those interested in a fuel source for their standby generator.

When considering natural gas as a good fuel source for generators several positives come to mind.  Many homes have come to rely on natural gas to fuel stoves, ovens, and even fireplaces and more and more neighborhoods are running gas lines to homes as part of a city-wide grid. Those who have compared a gas bill and an electrical bill will often find it is considerably cheaper. The price of natural gas is very good compared to other fuel sources as well. The energy output provided when using a standby power generator seems to provide the most bang for your energy buck.

When it comes to generators, most backup generators work better with natural gas because the supply is already coming to the location. Many homes have a pipeline for their natural gas that can be utilized by backup generators to supply electricity when other sources are offline due to storms disrupting the aging local power grid. Automatic transfer switches can determine when there are power outages or other electrical problems and supply electrical power produced from the location's natural gas source. This means that there is no need to purchase any additional fuel for the generator as it is already pulling from a existing fuel source of natural gas. 

Some areas are too difficult to install natural gas lines such as many here in South Florida and are not conducive to running pipelines to many communities. Those who wish to have the safety and security of a emergency back-up generator, especially during hurricane season use large propane tanks to store an ample supply of gas for their particular needs. In these instances, it is important to have a reliable supplier of gas to fill these tanks. Assurance Power Systems not only delivers gas to your tank, but it is one of the very few full service back up generator companies that can boast of a 30,000 gallon gas storage tank at it’s Delray Beach, FL facility.

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