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Hurricane Precautions For Your Pet

Hurricane season is in full force and it’s only a matter of time before we get hit with one of those storms that turns a bad situation into a nightmare, and although we humans are often prepared with a standby generator and a secure location, we often forget that fur babies and other loved pets may be at significant risk or at least incredibly stressed. We at Assurance Power Systems want to remind you that pets may have some special needs that we often overlook, so here are some helpful hints to help you make certain you and your pets come through the storm safe and sound!

You may want to consider the installation of an emergency power generator for your home. These standby generators activate when they detect a loss of power and can be used for all or just specified circuits in your home. In addition to keeping your family safe and comfortable, they are invaluable for pet owners as well.

Many homes require power to pump water into your house, so water for showers, cooking, toilets, etc, can continue to flow. While on the subject of water, if you have a large fish tank with pumps and filtration systems a standby generator can keep your thousands of dollars’ worth of fish alive while the local power grid is repaired.

We need to have a Hurricane action plan to make sure we have all things covered, you should also have such a plan for you pets.  This can often be quite challenging as we are never quite sure what the coming storm will bring and whether you will be able to stay in your home or need to evacuate. This is important because you need to know which shelters accept pets and if you need proof of shots for your particular pet to be allowed in that shelter. Keep this in mind if the particular storm you are anticipating may make evacuation necessary. An APS generator service plan will ensure your generator is in tip top shape, but you need to prepare what you can as well should disaster strike.

One of the most important things you can do to safeguard you pet is to have it Microchipped. If you and your pet are separated for any reason, having your pet chipped is vitally important to assist in its safe return to you.  Pets that have a microchip implanted containing your contact information significantly raise the odds that your pet will be swiftly returned to you if found. While you are at this, make sure that your pet’s tags are accurate and securely attached as well.

Having a pet carrier that you pet can identify as a safe haven is also very important, not only should you need to evacuate, but to give your pet a sense of security when the storm is wreaking havoc outside. Your pet will know where to go for safety and you will also be able to secure your pet without having to run around wondering where he or she is at. Also, should you need to evacuate, your pet will feel less stressed by having a secure place to be during a long drive for an evacuation or while in a storm shelter. You may consider training your pet to go in and out of the carrier during typical storms so they will be more used to this when it really matters.

Our pets, just like us may have illnesses and medical needs, be sure to have about a two week’s supply of your pet’s medications on hand. Quite often these medications essential to your pets health need to be refrigerated. Without an emergency generator that situation could get very dangerous quickly. Two very good reasons for this are that should the storm be severe, stores may not be able to open or get supplies for a few days or weeks after a storm.  Just because you may have power thanks to your emergency standby generator does not mean that the power grid in your area will be back online as well. In addition, should you and your pet be forced to an evacuation shelter, your pet may be in contact with other people’s pets, and there is no way of knowing if those pet owners take care of their pet as well as you take care of yours. By taking the precautions necessary, you significantly reduce the chances of your pet catching something from other pets. An emergency generator can keep your daily routine almost normal while waiting for power to be restored.

Finally, remember that the provisions that you have set aside for an emergency may be fine for you, they may not be appropriate for your pet.  Make sure that you have at least two weeks of food and water for your pet as well. Whether you are hunkering down at home or riding out the storm at a shelter, try to ensure that you keep your pet as stress free as possible and as close to its normal routine as you can.

Having uninterrupted power with a standby generator is the best way to accomplish this, but during hurricane season you need to prepare for all possibilities. You, your family and pets are the most important things to keep safe, so taking all precautions and having a hurricane plan for your pet should definitely be on your hurricane preparation checklist! Talk with an Assurance Power Systems professional to discuss what you can do to keep you, your family and your loved pets safe during a significant power outage this hurricane season.





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