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Linda Coolidge


During Hurricane Mathew (2016) was the first time that we needed our generator which was installed

in 2015.  I am so happy with the results of our unit.  Having this quality generator gave me much

peace and security as I awaited the storm. Indeed the electricity did go out sometime after midnight.

I heard the unit click on and it continued all night, giving me the opportunity to relax as I was listening

to the howling wind.


When we decided to purchase a generator we interviewed three different companies.  The APS representative

was definitely the best presentation, as well as assessing any problems for installation and how they would be

resolved satisfactorily before the installation began.


The installation went  very well, efficiently accomplished, with full approval of our HOA and readily approved by

the county inspectors.


Lastly, our choice was with APS because they were willing to work with us since my late husband needed electricity

100% of the time.  APS assured us that he would be placed on a special list which promised immediate response

to our needs in case some malfunction might occur. It really gave us security in our time of stress and need.


I am happy to give 5 stars to the APS company!!!!


Linda Coolidge

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