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Surviving Hurricane Season 2021

Tips For Older Adults and Seniors in South Florida

The population of South Florida has always been characterized by seniors and older adults. The overall population of the country is getting older and this trend in Hurricane prone areas such as Miami-Dade, Broward, Monroe and Palm beach counties is not expected to change anytime soon.

Emergency preparedness for older adults and senior citizens from Cooper City to Coral Springs requires a bit more thought as their needs and abilities necessitate additional planning should a Tropical Storm or Hurricane head their way.

The installation of a residential standby power generator should be a serious consideration for Hurricane Season 2021 as the power grid in South Florida is old as well and even if damage to homes and structures is minimal, quite often Florida residents are left without power for days at a time. For our elderly residents the ability to stay in their own homes with minimal disruption to their daily routines can make quite a difference in their health and welfare.

The addition of a power generator is not the only thing to consider, there is no excuse not to have a comprehensive emergency plan should some disaster such as a hurricane head their way.

Make certain that lines of communication are always available for seniors and that any contact list is constantly updated to show the current numbers and addresses and place copies of that list in any “bug-out” bags or vehicles that may be used in an emergency.

Know where the local shelters are and what their abilities regarding seniors are. Who will take the older adult to the shelter if they cannot transport themselves? Designate one or two meeting places before and after the storm if families and friends are sheltering separately.

Whether you are hunkering down at your beachfront home in Delray Beach or your country club home in Weston thanks to continuous power from a standby electric generator, staying at a shelter or at some other location, older adults may have additional medical needs beyond that of younger individuals. An emergency medical kit complete with a several days supply of any needed medications and remember to wear a medical ID bracelet if needed.

Many of the other tips for emergency preparedness are the same as with the entire population.

If Possible, have a small supply of cash available should the need arise, this of course depends on your financial situation.

If you live in a house or apartment, this will dictate more of what you should have on hand and what steps you need to take such as supplies of water, food, flashlights and anything else that will make your next few days safe and bearable. Basic first aid kits and personal hygiene supplies should also be on the list of emergency supplies.

Residential homeowners in Palm Beach and Broward  may need to hunker down at a shelter if the prediction of the storm’s path has the potential to place your life in danger but remember that even if the eye of the storm is a hundred miles away, the chance of an interruption of power is still a great concern and returning to your intact home can still be insufferable, especially for our senior citizens if their power is out.

Power outages affect all aspects of the population but are especially difficult for older adults. If you have elderly parents or grandparents that have a house, you may consider discussing the idea of installing a standby power generator. These standby generators automatically start up and begin delivering electrical power to the whole house or selected parts of the house within seconds of a power outage.

Could you or your loved ones survive for any length of time without so many of your modern conveniences if the power went out? The good news is you don't have to! Learn more by filling out this brief form, reviewing our ‘buyers guide’ or calling us today at 561-235-7703.

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