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The Cost Of Not Owning A Backup Generator

Long power outages have a much bigger impact than most people realize, certainly more than just the inconvenience that accompanies short, hour-long outages. The inevitable need for alternative lodgings, food sources, and repairs that follow an enduring loss of power can leave your wallet as empty as your refrigerator. 

Assurance Power Systems, however, offers a solution that will help you and your family power through even the longest of outages. Equipping your home with a backup generator tailored to your home’s unique electrical system will fend off the following unnecessary expenses brought about by blackouts: 


1. Hotels are Expensive

If your home is affected by a power outage, as well as the homes of your family and friends, your only option to retain important things like air conditioning, heating, and security, is to pack up and head to a hotel. Finding a hotel during a blackout isn’t just potentially dangerous, due to the possibility of downed phone lines or stop lights, but also expensive as rates can be inflated. If you are also the proud owner of a pet, this process can become even more difficult if your hotel of choice doesn’t accommodate your furry companion(s). As you painfully wait for your power to return, to regain the conveniences we all tend to take for granted, costs can add up quickly. This is why having and maintaining a backup generator can be far less expensive than making hotel accommodations with every blackout.


2. Food is Expensive

When the power goes out, so does your refrigerator and freezer’s ability to protect your food from harmful bacteria. This is especially problematic if the cause of the blackout is a storm that leaves you homebound, keeping you from stocking up on nonperishables like soup and other canned goods. With a backup residential generator, your power will remain on throughout the storm, keeping your perishable foods fresh and/or frozen.


3. Post-Flooding Renovations are Expensive

If your home’s basement is quick to flood, you probably have a device called a sump pump, which prevents the excess accumulation of water and protects against flooding. However, sump pumps, like many appliances, don’t function when the power goes out. Standby residential generators help ensure that your sump pump is working and that your basement is safe from flooding. This is especially important as most blackouts are initiated by weather-related incidents that can cause or exacerbate flooding. 


4. Losing Work Means Losing Money

If you’re one of the almost 20% of American employees who work from home, a power outage is something you simply can’t afford. The unfortunate truth is that businesses take priority over residences when it comes to regaining power, meaning that your workflow is inhibited longer than those employees who work in a commercial office. Setting up a backup generator for your home will protect you and your work responsibilities from unpredictable power outages. 


Investing in the installation and maintenance of a residential standby generator can guarantee comfort, security, and peace of mind when the rest of your neighborhood has gone dark. Call Assurance Power Systems today at 561-886-0470 for more information or to schedule a free home assessment!


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