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The Importance of Pre-Hurricane Season Generator Maintenance

Hurricane season on the Atlantic coast begins on June 1 each year and runs through the end of November. Hurricanes are especially problematic in South Florida, since it’s vulnerable from three sides. Even before hurricane season begins, other storms in the spring time can be very threatening. If you have a commercial-grade generator for your home or business, you need to be prepared for any major storms, so that you will continue to have electric power in emergencies.

There are some routine steps that owners of generators should follow prior to the major storm season, to avoid any problems.


Generator Maintenance Tips

Generator maintenance should be performed both before and after the end of the storm season. For a commercial-grade generator, monthly maintenance is highly recommended.

A generator tune-up will ensure it is performing at its peak capacity, and ready to weather any storm that comes its way. Typical generator maintenance should include inspection, testing, and reporting. Specific maintenance procedures vary between brands, but generally include inspection of frequency, controller output voltage, engine frequency, engine RPMs, air filter, valve lash adjustment, oil filter replacement, spark plug replacement, oil change, wiring inspection, battery inspection, fuel inspection, wiring, connections, and overall operation of the system.

At this time, your generator maintenance professional should also run a full simulation test to make sure the generator is operating correctly at load.

If you do not own a standby generator or are unsure of where to turn to buy and service one, Assurance Power Systems is for you! They will guide you toward the right product for your home. You can do this by answering six simple questions online. If you need a generator for your business, APS realizes that you can’t afford to be down and out of touch with your clients. Installation includes full support, concrete slabs laid by engineers, and CAD designs that are NFPA 110 compliant, among other benefits.

APS generator maintenance covers all of the same bases that are recommended for home users. Additionally, commercial clients enjoy maintenance agreements to prevent issues, load bank services, a remote monitoring service, start-ups, extended warranties, repairs on major brands still under warranty, and fuel polishing.

Storm season is already upon us, and hurricane season begins on June 1. Now is the time to tune up your high-grade generators, both at home and at your business, to protect yourself from unnecessary loss and discomfort.


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