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Which Causes More Damage? Storm Surge or Heavy Rain?

Rains and storms are two of the most common natural disasters caused by natural forces such as hurricanes or cyclones. Surges and heavy rainfall can occur just about anywhere. They are typically more common in areas with coastal regions and river deltas.

We have had many hits recorded Delray Beach main office in South Florida in the past few years. With each one, there have been different amounts of property damage. The amount of damage from a storm isn't just caused by wind speeds. It's also determined by rainfall and other factors like flooding.

Surges and rains are two of the most destructive components in Delray Beach main office in South Florida. While they are both dangerous, there is a chance that more rain damage will occur.


What Is a Storm Surge?

A surge is a rise in water level above the normal tide due to a storm that causes land flooding. This can be caused by strong winds that push water into the coast, raising levels. A surge also occurs when low pressure in the center of the storm causes higher pressure around it. This difference in pressure causes winds to blow counterclockwise around a low-pressure system. This pushes water towards shorelines.


What Is Heavy Rain?

Heavy rainfall occurs when very large amounts of water fall from clouds in a short period of time. This causes flash floods and landslides in areas with poor drainage systems or steep slopes. Heavy rainfall can also cause significant damage to property. This is possible if there are weak spots in roofs or walls that allow water to enter buildings through cracks. This can tamper with the power supply, and one will need standby generators.


Heavy Rain Is Much More Damaging Than Storm Surge

The greater the amount of rain that falls, the more damage to property it causes. This is because heavy rainfall can cause flooding and sinkholes, which leads to water damage and mold. Storms do not cause as much damage as rainfall because they are only temporary. Once the winds die down, they are gone. However, this does not mean you should not prepare for them before they hit by getting standby generators in case of a power shortage.

The rain damage during a tropical storm is often more extensive than the initial storm. The reason for this is that rains can cause flooding and subsequent damage to homes and businesses in Pompano Beach. The surge itself may only affect those near the coast.

The best way to prevent damage from surges is by raising your home's elevation above sea level with flood insurance or sandbags. You should also ensure that your home has back up generators and an emergency kit in case you have to evacuate during a hurricane.

Part of what makes hurricanes so destructive is their ability to produce very high winds that can knock down trees and other objects. These fallen trees become hazards for anyone who tries to clean up after a storm, as they could fall on vehicles or houses. Assurance Power Systems has back up generators which come in handy during a storm. Please contact us today for more information on the damages caused by these natural disasters in Pompano Beach.

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