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Why Back-Up Electrical Power Is so Important

Electricity is the gateway to a knowledgeable society. We depend on it to keep us informed through the information highway. It has given us a quick means of communication to breaking news across the globe. It is incomprehensible that we would not be informed of world events even by means of a newspaper. How would a printing press work without electricity?

Practically all businesses would come to a complete halt if they did not have the use computers. Think of all the information stored on disks and files from financial institutions, universities, sporting venues etc. None of these would be possible without the use of electricity.

In the medical fields, there would not be all of the innovative medical technology that is present today without access to surgical instruments powered by electricity. Surgeons would not be able to operate on patients or use machines that monitor their progress. Many diseases that are treated and cured through electrical technology would ultimately decrease the human population each year. Our lives would most likely be significantly shortened if there were no means of internal examinations.

This is all good reasoning to make sure you have a backup plan in case you lose power. It is always better to be proactive than to be reactive.

So, the question is, could we survive without electrical power? Although it would be a dramatic change, many people would make the adjustment. For millions of years man did not have electricity and survived with ease. Frankly, they had no choice but to survive. We would have no choice but to give up on all of the modern conveniences electricity has brought us, but life would go on. We would have to go back to growing our own food, using foot power for transportation, and utilizing solar power and wind power for our energy sources. Although some would have a harder time making the adjustment than others, ultimately, we would survive.

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