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Generac Guardian Series Backup and Standby Generators In High Demand

Generac Guardian Series Backup and Standby Generators In High Demand "The Generac Guardian series continues to be one of our best sellers," said Will Ferrigno Founder & CEO of Assurance Power Systems located in Boca Raton, Fl. The Generac Guardian series continues to be one of the best selling home stand-by generators in the United States of America. In Florida, Miami, FL, West Palm Beach, FL and Ft. Lauderdale FL, interest in the top of the line Guardian 60KW generator has been very impre...


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Get your Generators Ready! Tropical Storm Chantal Forms in Atlantic.

Get your Generators Ready! Tropical Storm Chantal Forms in Atlantic. Florida residents in the mainland U.S. will have to pay attention to this system. The current forecast takes the center of Chantal over the Bahamas Friday into early Saturday, but given the margin of error in the forecast, parts of Florida could be affected as well at the end of the workweek. While it is still early projects, Chantal is expected to bring 50+ mile per hour winds to Florida. Expectations are for flooding, dow...
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Be Prepared for a "Wild Season"

The four major weather forecasting organizations are predicting a very active 2013 Atlantic Hurricane Season.  This is in large part due to the very warm Atlantic and low likelihood of El Niño - El Niño is the atmospheric condition that creates upper level wind shear that can hinder the early development of hurricanes and tropical storms. Colorado State’s Bill Gray and protege Philip Klotzbach, the pioneers of seasonal hurricane forecasting, predict a blockbuster hurricane season, with 18 ...
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Assurance Power Systems Provides Generators in The Bridges, Delray Beach FL

The Bridges, a new luxury community in West Delray Beach, Florida is buzzing with new home starts - a sign of expansion in the South Florida housing market.  Although the homes are well appointed, many are adding features and improvement.  Assurance Power Systems has been working with many new homeowners to design and install automatic standby generators.  We have worked in many GL communities and are very familiar with their requirements.  We take care of the whole process a...
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Carl of Boynton Beach Loves APS!

Carl of Boynton Beach, FL knows what it's like to live through extended power outages without a generator. Carl lived in the Hunter's Run community of Boynton Beach, FL and went 12 days without power after Hurricane Wilma.

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We Complete You!

What was this beautiful home in the Golden Harbour neighborhood of Boca Raton, FL missing? A whole house automatic standby generator - no home is complete without one! Assurance Power Systems specializes in installing and servicing standby generator systems.  This system was designed and installed by our South Florida office.  For information on how to "complete" your home with a standby generator system, call us at 877.499.9500.
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Ferrellgas to the Rescue

We'd like to give recognition to Ferrellgas in South Florida for always delivering on time and with great service - even during after hours emergency fills! Their technicians are always thorough and courteous.  If you are in South Florida and you need propane delivery service give them a call or click here for more info.
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Post SuperStorm Sandy: Higher Inventory Levels!

SuperStorm Sandy has created quite a stir.  The demand for standby generators has skyrocketed at all of our locations.  Weekly deliveries like these are a regular occurrence.  We're maintiaining higher stock levels so we're always ready to install a generator at your house or business.

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Under Paver Propane Tank Installations

South Florida is home to many neighborhoods with small lot lines, but that doesn't mean that we can't fit an automatic standby generator and underground propane tank.  Assurance Power Systems has installed many  propane tanks under paver driveways with complete restoration and custom painted steel traffic rated access hatches.

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Generac 60kW Diesel Powers Call Center

When a national home improvement call center located in Boca Raton, FL made the smart decision to install an automatic standby generator, they made an even smarter decision by choosing Assurance Power Systems and Generac.  We designed a backup power solution that would allow their call center representatives to keep making calls and scheduling appointments all over the US.  Think of standby generators as "Business Interruption Insurance" - what does your business do when the power goes out?

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Generac 20kW Daily Double!

The Assurance Power Systems South Florida installation team is loaded up and ready to install two 20kW Generac Automatic Standby Generators and two 500 gallon underground propane tanks for neighbors in Lake Worth, Florida.  These generators will provide whole house coverage for up to 10 days with the initial fill of propane.
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Generac 48kW In Boca Raton, FL With Custom Concrete Slab

AssuranGenerac 48kW on Raised Slabce Power Systems recently installed a Generac 48kW Quietsource Automatic Standby Generator at a residence in East Boca Raton that required an elevated slab because of it's proximity to the Intracoastal Waterway. The Generac 48kW generator is perfect for this application because of it's reliability, low sound levels, and aluminum enclosure.

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Out With the Old, In With The New

South Florida's harsh coastal climate can wreak havoc on outdoor mechanical equipment located near the ocean.  Most older generators were manufactured with steel enclosures that don't stand a chance in the salt air.  Assurance Power Systems always suggests using aluminum enclosures such as in this new Generac 48kW Quietsource Generator.

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Uses for a Portable Generator

A generator is a power source that is used as an alternative to normal electricity. Often used when electricity is scarce or there is a power outage, many homes and businesses have a generator for use in emergencies or in areas where electricity is not readily available. A portable generator is a great way to have electricity whenever you need it, like when camping in a cabin that is not near a power source. Learn how a portable generator is beneficial to have on-hand, and when it might be neces...
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Standby and Portable Generators - Which one is right for you?

Power generators can prove to be a very important investment every family should think about. With the various functions they can perform, power generators are quickly becoming a must have for many households. There are two different types of power generators to choose from- standby generators and portable generators. Each generator has distinct differences regarding their makeup and usage. Each generator also has its own benefits and downsides to them. The Benefits of Portable GeneratorsTh...
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Americas need for Electricity

Imagine a world without electricity. Could we survive if it suddenly ceases? Everything we do in life revolves around it. It is used every minute and second of each day. We have become completely dependent on electricity for our everyday needs. It is a key component to modern technology and controls everything we do from the time we wake up in the morning, to our last waking hour at night.Power OutageOf all of the scientific inventions that have ever been created, the invention of electricity is the greatest and most utilized of them all. We take it for granted until we have to go without it. Think of all the things you would not be able to do if we did not have this resource. Every step we take revolves around the need for power. If you have ever been in a natural disaster, you see first-hand how frustrating it can be to not be able to carry on with the normal occurrences of life. No oven, lights, refrigerator, clocks, internet, microwave, television, radio, computer and worst of all, no phone communication! We cannot imagine how we would carry on with our everyday life without this precious resource.

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Sizing Your Standby Generator

What size generator do we need? I want to power my whole house but I don't want to spend a fortune! What options are there for whole and partial house automatic back-up generators? This article will address those questions and get you started towards better understanding the issues surrounding standby generator sizing. Our approach is based upon the National Electric Code and local municipalities may vary - ask an expert to help size your generator system!

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Broward Children's Center Holds Ribbon Cutting Ceremony to Celebrate Generator Install

POMPANO BEACH, FLORIDA (11.8.2012) — Broward Children's Center celebrated a vital step forward in ensuring the safety of its residents and clients with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on the morning of November 8th. The ceremony recognized the civic minded individuals and companies who contributed in the purchase and installation of two state-of-the-art generators at the nonprofit's Respite Home and Group Home. The funds needed to initiate the project were granted to the Center by Broward County Board of Commissioners, the Human Services Department, and the Community Partnership Division. In addition, generators were provided well below cost value and all of the service necessary to complete the installation was donated to the Center by Assurance Power Systems and TAW Power Systems.

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Assurance Power Systems Named as a Power Pro Dealer for Generac Power Systems

Prestigious program identifies dealers that are committed to consistently providing an outstanding sales and service experience
BOCA RATON, FL–AUGUST 31, 2012 – Assurance Power Systems, America's Premier Generator Provider, was recently named a Power Pro Dealer by Generac Power Systems, a leading designer and manufacturer of generators and engine-powered products. This distinction is the highest level available for a Generac residential/commercial dealer. It is only open to those dealers that meet the most rigorous set of sales and customer service criteria.
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Assurance Power Systems Named "Best In Class" Dealer for Generac Power Systems

Prestigious award acknowledges best all around Generac Dealer in the United States.

BOCA RATON, FL–AUGUST 31, 2012 – Assurance Power Systems, America's Premier Generator Provider, was recently recognized as the "Best in Class" Dealer by Generac Power Systems, a leading designer and manufacturer of generators and engine-powered products. This distinction is the highest level available for a Generac residential/commercial Dealer. It recognizes the Dealer with the best all around combination of sales performance, marketing, customer satisfaction and service, and service operations.  

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