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How to Shut Off Your Generator in an Emergency

  The storm has passed and the power company has done its job and electricity is now back on, but your generator is still running. This is pretty normal as most emergency generators are designed to continue running for a few minutes after power is restored in order to make certain that the flow of electricity from the utility company is continuous and stable.   However, in rare circumstances it may become necessary to turn off generator power prematurely in order to protect the genera...
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Power Generator Sizing Tips

Determining the right size generator to power your home or business can be a daunting task, and the best way to do this to have an Assurance Power Systems professional work with you on power generator sizing. If you purchase a standby generator that is too small it can not only overburden the generator possibly damaging it while not supplying sufficient power for you needs, but it can also cause damage to some of the appliances connected to it. Deciding on what size generator to buy should take ...
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Annual Cost of Power Outages in the US

  It may seem hard to believe but the annual cost of power outages just from severe storms alone can range in the tens of billions of dollars! With major storms anticipated to increase in frequency and an aging power grid that has begun falter, many companies are simply not prepared to handle the issues that a loss of power would bring. Power outages of just a few hours are increasing in frequency and prolonged outages are also on the rise with the cost of power outages potentially devastat...
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How a Backup Power Generator Can Benefit Your Office or Bank

Unplanned downtime due to power loss can wreak havoc on operations in any office or bank. That’s where Assurance Power Systems’ quality power generators come in. There are a variety of ways that your office can benefit from our commercial generators.     In the United States, over two million businesses experience a significant power outage every year. These outages disrupt productivity by shutting down IT services, costing U.S. businesses over $80 billion per year. Some individual bu...
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Why You Need Backup Power for Your Gas Station or Convenience Store

The thought of a power outage shutting down your business is a nightmare for any owner. For gas stations and convenience stores, the situation is even worse because fuel and convenience products are exactly what people need most when the lights go out. Without a backup solution from Assurance Power, an outage will bring every facet of your business to a screeching halt.       No gas pumps. Fuel is the cornerstone of your business. Profit margins on gasoline are often razor-thin b...
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Industrial Generators: Manufacturing and Warehouse

As large manufacturing plants and warehouses integrate more digital technology into their operations and processes at a rapid pace, having reliable access of consistent power and electricity has emerged as an increasingly important consideration. In the event of a power outage, mechanical error or human miscalculation, the losses in productivity, costs and quality of services could be devastating for the warehouse or industrial plant that ripple throughout each department of the entire company. ...
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Why You Need Backup Power for Your Retail Store

  Imagine all of the things that go wrong when the power goes out: The employees cannot operate the cash register or conduct debit or credit card transactions, so your business experiences a loss of sales. Many customers will abandon their purchases, further contributing to the profit loss. Deliveries, incoming and outgoing, will be delayed, which leads to angry and dissatisfied customers who may start patronizing your competitors. During a power outage, the employees are still getting pai...
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Assurance Power Systems Is the Solution for Data Center Power Backup

  Assurance Power Systems (APS) offers its data center clients the full range of contemporary solutions for all their power backup issues. APS technicians are trained and certified to identify the unique backup power needs of any data center, and provide the full service solution that answers every need in full. Below is a brief guide to backup power generation for data centers, and what you, the client, need to know about the services that we provide.   Data Center Backup Generators ...
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Expert Vendor for Claim Adjuster

As a claim adjuster, I always look towards APS for professional technical advice and providing apples for apples repair and replacement quotes for our insureds. Making APB my first call for nearly all generator claims. Either as our expert vendor or as a repair vendor for the insured.   Thanks,   Joseph Tamres General Adjuster   The Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company
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How to Protect Your Power Generator from the Elements

  If you're a homeowner in South Florida, a back-up power generator is a necessity, not a luxury. A residential generator automatically powers up your whole house in the event of a blackout or power outage. It can be your saving grace during a bad storm or hurricane, but you must protect your power generator from the elements, or it may not help you in an emergency.   You should start thinking about protecting your power generator from the elements, even before you buy one. If you wa...
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5 Reasons Why You Need a Standby Home Generator in South Florida

 Why you NEED a Generator In a world where we rely more and more on electricity, the grid is aging rapidly, catastrophic weather events are increasing, so can you really live without a backup generator?  We don’t think so!  We value your security, safety and comfort and have developed solutions to give you the confidence you need no matter what life throws your way.  Our Generac home generators may be just the thing to ensure the safety and security of your family and busines...
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Copy of Copy of The Landings At MIA

Assurance Power Systems replaced an aging 900kW diesel generator with a new system consisting of a 1250kW Kohler diesel generator, [4] 1200 Amp Automatic Transfer Switches, [1] 200 gallon day tank, and a 7,500 gallon Fireguard diesel storage tank.  The Landings at MIA is a Class A & B office development located just west of Miami International Airport.  There are several high profile tenants that require reliable backup power for their critical operations.  The generator repl...

Client Info

  • CBRE
  • 1250KW Diesel Generator System
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Jupiter Hills Club - 400kW With Custom Enclosure

Assurance Power Systems installed a new 400kW diesel generator with a custom 180 mph aluminum enclosure with the highest amount of sound attenuation to power the exclusive Jupiter Hills Club in Jupiter, FL.  Assurance Power Systems handled all aspects of the project including: structural modifications, electrical connections, diesel fuel piping, mechanical systems, rigging, start up, load bank, and building load test.       

Client Info

  • Jupiter Hills Club
  • 400KW Diesel Generator System
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1700 Palm Beach Lakes - 300kW Diesel Generator

Assurance Power Systems replaced an aging 300kW diesel generator with a new system.  Assurance Power Systems handled all aspects of the project including: structural modifications, electrical connections, diesel fuel piping, mechanical systems including exhaust piping and shrouds, rigging, start up, load bank, and building load test.       

Client Info

  • CBRE
  • 300KW Diesel Generator System
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Commercial Generators for Manufacturing and Warehouse Storage

Emergencies often happen when we least expect them. This does not mean, however, that you can’t be prepared for many of them. We go to great lengths to protect our home and families, but what about our businesses that provide not only for our own families but also for those that we employ. In the event of a hurricane or other emergency in which a widespread power failure occurs, is your facility or storage location prepared to handle such a situation? If your business or even part of it is depen...
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Elizabeth H Dudley

Dear Mr. Ferrigno,  Right before the "non" hurricane I was scheduled for a swap out of my generator from 2000.  I am writing to tell you how impressed I have been with your installation crew.  They came when scheduled, and quickly installed my new generator.  At all times they were courteous and knowledgeable.  They were very careful of my property in a tight situation,  And when they left everything was nicely cleaned up. In particular Brian was concerned that...
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Linda Coolidge

  During Hurricane Mathew (2016) was the first time that we needed our generator which was installed in 2015.  I am so happy with the results of our unit.  Having this quality generator gave me much peace and security as I awaited the storm. Indeed the electricity did go out sometime after midnight. I heard the unit click on and it continued all night, giving me the opportunity to relax as I was listening to the howling wind.   When we decided to purchase a generator w...
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Best Commercial Generators and Maintenance Services for Health Care Facilities

Unlike power outages in residential areas, the power in health facilities must run seamlessly without disruption at all times. Life support systems, operating rooms, and patient care activities must continue without experiencing power outages that normally occurs during thunderstorms, tornadoes, earthquakes and other unexpected events. Fortunately, today’s advanced technologies have made it possible for companies like Assurance Power Systems to provide the best backup solutions for healthcare ap...
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How Much Do Backup Generators Cost?

For those who live in South Florida or pretty much anywhere that storms or other unusual occurrences can take out an electrical grid and plunge your home or business into darkness, backup generators have been a blessing. Standby power solutions have kept businesses running and homes safe, secure and comfortable enough to ride out almost any situation until normal power can be restored.  The cost of these backup generators has made them affordable for most home and commercial needs, with the...
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Ask Assurance - How Long Can A Generator Run and More

Q: How long can you run a home generator? The simple answer to this question is that your home generator can run as long as your fuel supply lasts.  This means that if you had an unlimited fuel tank or endless feed of natural gas you can theoretically run your generator forever. Since we know that all mechanical devices require maintenance, we must ensure that your oil level is sufficient and changed as indicated by the manufacturer, and any other periodic maintenance needs are addressed. T...
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