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The General Generator Terminology, Parts and Function Glossary

Having a backup generator for your home or business is the first step to ensuring that you’re protected in the event of a blackout or other emergency situation. The next step is making sure that your generator performs optimally whenever you need it by keeping it well maintained. Assurance Power Systems provides installation, repair, and maintenance services for residential and commercial generators, making owning one a hassle-free experience for all of our customers. However, we also feel that ...
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Hurricane Alex: The First Named Storm of 2016

(Image Source: The Weather Channel)   What a record-breaking start to the New Year! At only two weeks into 2016, a hurricane has formed in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Alex, formed Wednesday and now located in the eastern Atlantic, has strengthened and developed from a subtropical storm (one that is partially tropical and partially non-tropical) into an all-out tropical storm that made landfall on one of Portugal’s Azores Islands earlier this morning. Hurricane Alex, currently a...
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Back Your Business With a Commercial Backup Generator

Power outages are almost always unpredictable. They can last anywhere between a few minutes to a few weeks, and cause a number of problems for any business. However, while some businesses are merely inconvenienced by power failures, others can suffer disastrous consequences if power isn’t immediately restored. For example, while the loss of power for a walk-in or office-based business would likely induce a delay in work that would inconvenience customers, the loss of power for public safety ser...
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The Cost Of Not Owning A Backup Generator

Long power outages have a much bigger impact than most people realize, certainly more than just the inconvenience that accompanies short, hour-long outages. The inevitable need for alternative lodgings, food sources, and repairs that follow an enduring loss of power can leave your wallet as empty as your refrigerator. Assurance Power Systems, however, offers a solution that will help you and your family power through even the longest of outages. Equipping your home with a backup generator t...
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Give the Perfect Gift of Assurance Power Systems This Holiday Season

It’s that time of year again: chestnuts are roasting, silver bells are ringing, and outside lights are on full display.  Another important trademark of the holiday season is spending quality time with friends and family. This is why it is especially important during the holidays, when your home is full of loved ones, that proper safety measures are in place. So treat your home, and yourself, to the perfect gift that keeps on giving this holiday season: a residential standby generator.Y...
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The Master Maintenance Checklist for Your Backup Generator

Regular backup generator maintenance is one of the many services we offer at Assurance Power Systems to help ensure your system is operating properly. This highly recommended service should be completed at least once a year by an electrician; although, a more prudent approach would include more frequent inspections. Below is a categorized list of how your generator should be maintained in relation to how often it is inspected by a professional.  For Annual Generator Maintenance, ...
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South Florida, Are You Ready For Tropical Storm Erika?

(Source: Weather.com) As we approach the peak of the hurricane season (September 13th), South Florida is facing the effects of our second tropical storm of the year. While most scenarios expect tropical storm Erika to narrowly miss the state of Florida late Sunday and Monday—continuing up the east coast and only granting us with heavy rains and damaging wind—some predict that Erika could make landfall on the southeastern tip of Florida as a category one hurricane.With most experts forecasting w...
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What The Washington, DC Blackout Says About America’s Power Grid

Last Tuesday’s series of bizarre events surrounding technology that caused major consequences like a suspension of trading on The New York Stock Exchange and United Airlines to temporarily ground its flights—both due to mysterious computer system glitches—has people on edge over issues of cybersecurity and digital information. Perhaps the most concerning issue of all, though it remains somewhat overshadowed, was highlighted by the loss of power that affected over 8,000 people in Washington, DC. ...
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10 Most Frequently Asked Generator Questions

For those individuals who are looking to purchase their first generator, or even for those experienced with generators, there can be a lot of questions with regards to safety, maintenance, size, type, and much more. Assurance Power Systems has compiled a list of the questions our associates are most frequently asked with regards to the generator buying process to help make your ownership experience as pleasant as possible.    1. What size generator do I need? Generators provide ...
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Reason #2 of 100 You Need a Generator: Technology

How many devices do you have in your house that have batteries that need charging?  Think phones, tablets, and laptops.  Now think about not being able to charge them. The more technology advances the more we rely on power.  Automatic standby generators keep the power flowing to keep your devices powered up.  
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Reason #1 of 100 You Need a Generator: Security

We all think about our security. Many of you have a security system.  Most of you lock your doors and windows.  How about keeping a few lights on when you're not home?  Imagine how vulnerable you would feel if you couldn't complete these basic security tasks! Automatic standby generators are a critical part of your security plan.  Whether you are home or not, an automatic standby generator maintains power to your home automatically keeping your lights on and your security sy...
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Generac Revamps Liquid-Cooled Product Portfolio

Generac has revamped its liquid-cooled product line, which includes the Guardian and QuietSource generators ranging from 22-60 kW. The change will offer improved features, reduce installation costs, and provide a full-range, all-encompassing offer. The converison to the Protector Series has begun, but the transition will be completed over the next year. Rounding out the new Protector QS (low-speed) series are two new nodes - the 32 kW and 38 kW. These new nodes create more options for custo...
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Coastal Corrosion Protection Package

Assurance Power Systems has developed a Coastal Corrosion Protection Package - the first in the industry - to protect your generator from the harsh South Florida climate.  This proprietary treatment extends the life of your generator  and increases its reliability by protecting it from the harsh properties of the coastal environment.  High levels of humidity and salt air can be destructive and hard to combat.  Our Coastal Corrosion Package gives your generator a fighting chan...
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Assurance Power Systems Dedicated to Customer Service

Assurance Power Systems is dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service each and every day.  We value every customer interaction and look for ways to make our customers lives easier and better.  As such, we are committed to continuous training and self improvement.   Customer service starts with the most basic concept: treat others how you would want to be treated.  The second part of the equation is identifying how you can enrich someone's life.  It rea...
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Assurance Power Systems Named Home Depot Generator Installer

  Assurance Power Systems is honored to be selected by The Home Depot as the generator installer for Palm Beach and Broward counties.  You can request an estimate at the Boca Raton, Lake Worth, Pompano Beach, Deerfield Beach, Lake Park, Davie, Boynton Beach, Oakland Park, Sunrise, Jupiter, Coral Springs, Hollywood, N. Lauderdale, E. Delray Beach, Lake Worth II, E. Palm Beach, W. Delray Beach, Weston, Sawgrass, W. Palm Beach, Davie II, Miramar, Coconut Creek, Ft. Lauderdale, Royal...
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The Time To Prepare For The 2020 Hurricane Season Is Now!

Although the official start to hurricane season is still just under a month away, experts at The Weather Channel Professional Division are already forecasting a “relatively quiet” tropical season for the east coast. With nine named tropical storms and six hurricanes predicted for the 2015 hurricane season, we are thankfully still expected to fall below the 30-year average, although not by much. Low pressure has already been detected off of the coast of South and North Carolina that has the poten...
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Assurance Power Systems Announces New Philadelphia Location!

  Philadelphia is a metropolis characterized by firsts. It’s the birthplace of the nation’s first hospital, public school, bank, stock exchange, lending library, municipal water system and insurance company-among other things! It’s credited with housing the country’s first zoo and department store, and for putting on the first professional football game (guess who won) and Thanksgiving Day parade. Philadelphia even served as the first capital of the United States! So it’s no wonder that wh...
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Top Common Reasons for Power Outages and Failures on Summer in South Florida

Most common reasons for loss of power and power failures in Florida: High Winds, Hurricanes & Tornados It's summer in Florida, and along the hot humid weather, the usual late-summer thunderstorms that coupled with the warm ocean waters and the earth's easter rotation form hurricanes such as Arthur that was spawn off the Atlantic Basin. (See How Hurricanes are Formed) Lightning Bad weather halts like the one on July 14 2014 in Orlando left Disney's monorail out of power. Rain...
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The Best Generator Brands

Three Best Generator Brands   Choosing the perfect generator requires buyers to take into account a variety of features, each one differing in importance depending on individual requirements. Do you prefer portable or standby? Propane, diesel, or gasoline powered? Will it be for home, camping, or professional use? Are you more concerned about powering your refrigerator, lights, television, or all of the above? All of these questions will help you to narrow down the roughly 343, and growin...
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Protect Your Home Against the Effects of Rising Sea Levels in Broward County

Fort Lauderdale Resident Protected Against The Effects of Rising Sea Levels in Broward County The Fort Lauderdale resident from Nurmi Isles installed a 48kW Generac Quietsource Liquid Cooled Generator with [2] 200 Amp automatic transfer switches, that runs on propane, and backs up a 6000 square foot luxury home in Nurmi Isles, Ft. Lauderdale to protect his house against the effects of rising sea levels that increases the risks for power outages. The generator will power 4 AC's and also has a ...
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