Industrial Generators: Manufacturing and Warehouse

As large manufacturing plants and warehouses integrate more digital technology into their operations and processes at a rapid pace, having reliable access of consistent power and electricity has emerged as an increasingly important consideration. In the event of a power outage, mechanical error or human miscalculation, the losses in productivity, costs and quality of services […]

Commercial Generators FAQs

In the world of industrial generators, it’s easy to get lost in the kilowatts. We’ve put together some of the more frequently asked questions to help you discover how a commercial generator might be right for your small business or in industrial applications.Here at Assurance Power Systems, we offer comprehensive service for standby generators of […]

A Review of Kohler Generators

Are you prepared for a natural disaster or extreme weather event? Unfortunately, the majority of people are ill-prepared.In 2017, the United States was pummeled with one of the worst hurricane seasons on record. Six months after Hurricane Maria, there are still 100,000 people without power.Investing in a generator is the solution for your family. Kohler […]

[2] Generac 500kW Diesel Generators – Universal Property Insurance

Client: Universal Property InsuranceScope of work: [2] Generac 500kW Diesel Generators DescriptionUniversal Property and Casualty Insurance Company is Florida’s largest property insurance company.  They know the risks of power outages, and they know how critical it is to be up and running for their customers during emergencies.   As part of a large renovation project, Assurance […]

Standby Power – Natural Gas Versus Diesel Generators

For decades, standby generators have been the standard for providing reliable backup power to homes and businesses in the event of an outage. Diesel generators have been the traditional power house, yet newer technology has made natural gas a viable contender for the generator crown. Here are some important features to consider when deciding on […]

Generator History Before and After

Then and Now The grandfather of today’s modern generator systems was invented in 1831 by British chemist and physicist Michael Faraday. Named the Faraday disc in honor of its inventor, this groundbreaking technology was produced after Faraday came up with arguably one of his greatest discoveries, electromagnetic induction. Using a copper disc and a horseshoe […]

APS Generator Blog

Background Our customer wanted the best of the best for their Highland Beach, FL Estate Home.  We selected a Generac Industrial Natural Gas generator and applied our proprietary coastal package to protect it from the harsh ocean air.  Click here to learn about our Coastal Package.  For information on how to “complete” your home with […]

Carl of Boynton Beach Loves APS!

Carl of Boynton Beach, FL knows what it’s like to live through extended power outages without a generator. Carl lived in the Hunter’s Run community of Boynton Beach, FL and went 12 days without power after Hurricane Wilma. Now living in Valencia Point, also in Boynton Beach, Carl decided to protect his home with a […]

Generac Guardian Series Backup and Standby Generators In High Demand

Generac Guardian Series Backup and Standby Generators In High Demand“The Generac Guardian series continues to be one of our best sellers,” said Will Ferrigno Founder & CEO of Assurance Power Systems located in Boca Raton, Fl.The Generac Guardian series continues to be one of the best selling home stand-by generators in the United States of […]

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Notice

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