5 Red Flags to Recognize When Your Generator Needs Repair

Tropical storms and the inevitable blackouts that follow them pose a constant threat to all of Florida during the hurricane season (June 1st to November 30th), but with the surprise formation of Hurricane Alex in the Atlantic just last month, it’s now more apparent than ever that there really is no way of knowing where […]

Losing Power and Money – Why a Power Outage Could Cost You

With a record number of stronger storms across the United States, a power outage can have a costly impact. Power outages can also happen due to equipment failure, from a power pole being hit to an animal getting caught on the power line.A simple solution is purchasing a generator for your home or business. However, […]

Healthy Generators and the Importance of a Generator Maintenance Agreement

If you recently purchased a standby generator for your home, it can feel like the hard work is done after installation – but a residential generator is only as good as its regular maintenance. For many homeowners, having a generator maintenance agreement is the easiest way to ensure that new generator works for years. What is […]

Top 5 Critical Facilities That Need An Industrial Generator

Today, it seems like almost nothing can get accomplished without consistent access to electric power. It’s a necessity for work, entertainment, comfort, and other daily activities we’ve become accustomed to. So when the power goes out, it’s not just inconvenient, it’s disruptive as well. However, no one is affected by a loss of power greater […]

Coastal Corrosion Protection Package

Assurance Power Systems has developed a Coastal Corrosion Protection Package – the first in the industry – to protect your generator from the harsh South Florida climate.  This proprietary treatment extends the life of your generator  and increases its reliability by protecting it from the harsh properties of the coastal environment.  High levels of humidity […]

Assurance Power Systems Is the Solution for Data Center Power Backup

Assurance Power Systems (APS) offers its data center clients the full range of contemporary solutions for all their power backup issues. APS technicians are trained and certified to identify the unique backup power needs of any data center, and provide the full service solution that answers every need in full. Below is a brief guide […]

How to Care for Your Backup Generator

You’re likely to be hit by power outages during Florida’s storm season. That’s when your handy backup generator will come to the rescue.However, if you haven’t maintained it properly, you might find that it doesn’t work.Read on to find out about the most important aspects of backup generator maintenance, so you’ll never be left without power […]

South Florida, Are You Ready For Tropical Storm Erika?

(Source: Weather.com)As we approach the peak of the hurricane season (September 13th), South Florida is facing the effects of our second tropical storm of the year. While most scenarios expect tropical storm Erika to narrowly miss the state of Florida late Sunday and Monday—continuing up the east coast and only granting us with heavy rains […]

Top Common Reasons for Power Outages and Failures on Summer in South Florida

Most common reasons for loss of power and power failures in Florida: High Winds, Hurricanes & Tornados It’s summer in Florida, and along the hot humid weather, the usual late-summer thunderstorms that coupled with the warm ocean waters and the earth’s easter rotation form hurricanes such as Arthur that was spawn off the Atlantic Basin. […]

Why You Need Backup Power for Your Gas Station or Convenience Store

The thought of a power outage shutting down your business is a nightmare for any owner. For gas stations and convenience stores, the situation is even worse because fuel and convenience products are exactly what people need most when the lights go out. Without a backup solution from Assurance Power, an outage will bring every […]

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