Quiet Power Generator – Palm Beach, FL

Client: Palm Beach, FL HomeownerScope of work: Kohler 60 RCL Natural Gas Generator Installing a Quiet Power Generator in a Palm Beach HomeBackground:Many communities are increasing their sound regulations and requiring quieter and quieter mechanical equipment.  The Kohler RCL series of generators are among the quietest in the market.  This installation required decibel testing at […]

Home Generators FAQs

Customers looking for home generators frequently ask questions about safety, reliability and cost, so they are not caught unprepared.At Assurance Power Systems, we want to make sure homeowners feel confident in their homes, by offering the best in backup power systems. If you’re ready to buy a generator, reach out to us today at (561) […]

Can I Power My Home With a Generator?

In a world that is electronically driven, a power outage cannot only be an inconvenience, but it can be dangerous as well. We rely on electricity for our everyday needs. It is important to have a consistent means of power for everything from refrigerating our food, to health needs, to home safety. With the threats […]

5 Reasons Why You Need a Standby Home Generator in South Florida

Why you NEED a GeneratorIn a world where we rely more and more on electricity, the grid is aging rapidly, catastrophic weather events are increasing, so can you really live without a backup generator?  We don’t think so!  We value your security, safety and comfort and have developed solutions to give you the confidence you […]

The Best Generator Brands

Three Best Generator Brands Choosing the perfect generator requires buyers to take into account a variety of features, each one differing in importance depending on individual requirements. Do you prefer portable or standby? Propane, diesel, or gasoline powered? Will it be for home, camping, or professional use? Are you more concerned about powering your refrigerator, lights, […]

Sychronizing the Generac Advanced Wireless Remote Monitor

The Generac Advanced Wireless Monitor can lose signal from time to time.  Follow these steps to synchronize the display and generator. Open the lid on the generator, turn the AUTO/OFF/MANUAL switch to the “Off” position and remove the 7.5A control panel fuse.Make sure the [3] AAA batteries in the display are still good.  Replace if […]

3 Accessories That Every Standby Generator Needs

A standby generator is one of the most fundamental pieces of machinery that a person can invest in for the protection of their home or business. It can supply power in the event of an outage, during an emergency, and in response to a poor connection to the power grid. In any case, there are […]

Power Generator Sizing Tips

Determining the right size generator to power your home or business can be a daunting task, and the best way to do this to have an Assurance Power Systems professional work with you on power generator sizing. If you purchase a standby generator that is too small it can not only overburden the generator possibly […]

Is Your Diesel Generator Compliant with RICE NESHAP?

Diesel emissions have been measured and monitored for more than 50 years. In the beginning, stationary engines, which is any industrial engine permanently installed at a site for at least one year, were governed locally or by the state. This meant that diesel generator sets and other on-site energy power systems were exempt from federal […]

10 Most Frequently Asked Generator Questions

For those individuals who are looking to purchase their first generator, or even for those experienced with generators, there can be a lot of questions with regards to safety, maintenance, size, type, and much more. Assurance Power Systems has compiled a list of the questions our associates are most frequently asked with regards to the […]

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