Signs You Might Need an Electrical Panel Upgrade

Old electrical panel against a brick wall

Your electrical panel is the nerve center for the electrical system in your home. It distributes electricity throughout your house to power the fridge, keep the lights on and your tablet and phone charged. However, you do have a problem if your electrical panel cannot keep up with the demands of your modern life. This […]

Generators Power the Mobile Industry

Standby generator

If you have a mobile business, a generator can supply you with the power necessary to accomplish your tasks. You won’t have to depend on others when firing up your food truck, using power tools, taking advantage of large appliances, or anything else you might be doing. Two Types of Generators Your business can utilize […]

What To Do After A Hurricane

We are right in the middle of hurricane season in South Florida. It’s important to take certain precautions before a storm hits to ensure personal safety and minimize damage to your property. Experiencing a hurricane can be emotionally traumatic. After a hurricane hits there are a few important rules you should follow to keep both […]

The Importance of Pre-Hurricane Season Generator Maintenance

Hurricane season on the Atlantic coast begins on June 1 each year and runs through the end of November. Hurricanes are especially problematic in South Florida, since it’s vulnerable from three sides. Even before hurricane season begins, other storms in the spring time can be very threatening. If you have a commercial- grade generator for […]

Preparing for Hurricane Season 2024: Readying Your

Hurricane season is almost here again. If you’re a Floridian, you know what that means: A severe storm or even a major hurricane could hit in your area at any time during the summer months and beyond. In fact, a rare early tropical depression has already popped up in the Atlantic back in late April, […]

Hurricane Precautions For Your Pet

Hurricane season is in full force and it’s only a matter of time before we get hit with one of those storms that turns a bad situation into a nightmare, and although we humans are often prepared with a standby generator and a secure location, we often forget that fur babies and other loved pets […]

How Long Can a Generator Run After a Storm?

With Florida experiencing an average of at least one hurricane per year, it is really only a matter of time before you’re stuck facing a prolonged period without power. Having a generator installed as part of your home’s electrical system is the best way to prepare for this eventuality and ensure that you always have […]

Surviving Hurricane Season 2024

Tips For Older Adults and Seniors in South Florida The population of South Florida has always been characterized by seniors and older adults. The overall population of the country is getting older and this trend in Hurricane prone areas such as Miami-Dade, Broward, Monroe and Palm beach counties is not expected to change anytime soon. […]

Quiet Power Generator – Palm Beach, FL

Client: Palm Beach, FL HomeownerScope of work: Kohler 60 RCL Natural Gas Generator Installing a Quiet Power Generator in a Palm Beach HomeBackground:Many communities are increasing their sound regulations and requiring quieter and quieter mechanical equipment.  The Kohler RCL series of generators are among the quietest in the market.  This installation required decibel testing at […]

Home Generators FAQs

Customers looking for home generators frequently ask questions about safety, reliability and cost, so they are not caught unprepared.At Assurance Power Systems, we want to make sure homeowners feel confident in their homes, by offering the best in backup power systems. If you’re ready to buy a generator, reach out to us today at (561) […]

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