Fuel Polishing

Emergency generators must be ready to run during critical times. Emergency generators that rely on diesel fuel are at constant risk of unexpected failure due to clogged fuel filters.  Because the engines used in these emergency power generators often sit without operation until they are needed to perform, poor fuel quality becomes a very common problem. If you have stored fuel, attention should be given to the condition of this fuel. Water build up in fuel is natural, as tanks collect condensation and water can leak in during fills and through vents. Also, changes in temperature can create an environment for bacterial growth in fuel, while natural oxidation and unavoidable fuel deterioration will lead to the formation of sludge, acids and tank corrosion. This sludge accumulates at the tank bottom over time, it is acidic and eats at tank walls and it clogs filters.  The results from adding emergency generator fuel tank cleaning and polishing to your regular maintenance schedule:  

  • More reliable power for improved safety
  • Improved engine performance
  • Clean internal engine components
  • Fewer injector failures
  • Reduction of maintenance, downtime and operating costs  

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