Load Banking

Would you enter a race car in a race without logging any warm-up laps?  Would you run a 100 meter sprint without a few warm up laps and proper stretching?  Load Banking an Emergency Generator is the process of applying load to ensure your generator performs as advertised.  It is the best way to determine the performance your generator set will have during a prolonged period of power outage, by demonstrating a generator set’s capacity under actual operating conditions.

Load Bank Photo

Wet-Stacking is a common problem with diesel engines that are operated for extended periods with light or no loads applied. When a diesel engine operates without sufficient load it will not operate at its optimum temperature. This allows unburned fuel to accumulate in the exhaust system, which can foul the fuel injectors, engine valves and exhaust system, including turbochargers, and reduce operating performance.  Per the NFPA 110 guidelines, loan banking should be performed no less than every 3 years.