Emergency TechShare Program

National Emergency TechShare Program

A National Network of Technicians to Support Preparation and Recovery Efforts Throughout the U.S.

The generator industry is unlike any other trade. It requires specialty training and experience that is not easily or commonly learned in the field. One of the biggest challenges in this industry is finding and retaining experienced technicians. Most generator companies struggle to meet current service demand and are certainly not poised to handle the significant demand associated with emergency events. The National Generator TechShare Program strengthens our industry by supporting each other during times of urgency and increased demand.

Program Details:

  • All participating dealer companies must agree to non-compete, non-disclosure, non-recruiting policies
    • Violation will result in membership termination as determined by a Board of Directors
    • Technicians would be required to agree to a cooling off period for hiring from other participating company
      • Hiring company to pay fee to participating company to help staffing
  • Participating companies submit technician profiles of their willing technicians
    • Profiles will include experience, qualifications, certifications, and availability
    • Technicians will have a unique ID number assigned
  • Each assignment is a minimum of 1 week
  • Activation Process
    • Email request sent to all Member Companies
    • Member companies to confirm technician availability and coordinate directly with company in need
  • Payment
    • Wages to be paid directly to participating technician
    • Additional $5/hour for travel duty
    • Airfare, hotel, and per diem to be paid by receiving company
    • $1,000 paid to contributing company for loss of profit
  • Technicians expected to bring basic hand tools based on their level of training

Recommended practices:

  • Encourage your technicians to join an elite group of technicians selected to support the industry
  • Display the to be developed logo on your website and customer facing material to showcase the program and differentiate your company
  • Identify truck or van rentals in your area for rapid deployment

Conditions of Program Eligibility:

  • Must be willing to contribute what you benefit by matching the number of hours if requested
  • Repeat refusals are grounds for termination


Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are willing to participate.