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Our Electrical Services in South Florida

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Assurance Power Systems has a dedicated staff of professional electricians in Delray Beach, ready to serve your needs throughout South Florida. We offer assistance with everything from large projects, like electrical panel upgrades, to smaller additions, like smoke detector installation. With a team focused on all things generators, including the gas used to power them, we also have the capacity to perform some miscellaneous services like gas barbecue installation that do not fit within the traditional repertoire of an electrician.

We have 14 residential and commercial electricians on our team, as well as dedicated project management staff to ensure your project deserves the attention and planning it deserves. To learn more about the individual services we offer, see the list below:

Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling fans are critical additions in Florida homes. Even with air conditioning units installed, a ceiling fan brings airflow into rooms that have a tendency to get stuff and can reduce your reliance on AC. An electrician in Delray Beach will need to assist you with your installation, as attempting to do it yourself could result in injury or a poorly installed fixture. With help from the professionals at Assurance Power Systems, you’ll have a functional ceiling fan added to your home without any stress on your part.

Surge Protection

A Delray Beach electrician understands the importance of surge protection, especially during the summer months with the presence of frequent storms. Thunderstorms and lightning strikes are the major risk here. When a power surge occurs, often due to natural causes, the appliances and electrical equipment on your property will be at risk. A sudden surge of power can fry sensitive electronics, rendering them useless. Whole-house surge protection protects your valuable possessions in the case of a power surge, including TVs, computers, and major appliances.

Outlet & Switch Installation

Adding new outlets and switches to your home requires planning. Where is the best place to situate a switch to create a logical flow within a room? Do you need GFCI outlets, often used in rooms where they may come into contact with water? These components, in particular outlets, need to be installed so they meet requirements for local electrical codes. They will also need to be added with safety in mind first, as a poorly installed outlet could cause future problems with your electrical system, risking electrical fires and potential injury.

Trusted Generator & Electrical Service Providers

Assurance Power Systems has provided excellent service to South Florida residents and businesses since 2005. We continue to uphold our high standards, whether we’re offering repairs, maintenance, or installations. Our services are provided by our employees, and we do not subcontract out our work.

When you need assistance, count on Assurance Power Systems to provide reliable service with a personal touch.

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Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Detector Installation

CO and smoke detectors critically keep your home safe in the event of an emergency. Both need to be replaced every 10 years or so to ensure accuracy and safety. We aim to install detectors that reduce the chance of false alarms. Make sure you work with an electrician in Delray Beach to install detectors in your home to ensure they function properly.

Pool Heater Installation

While pool heater installation is outside the realm of expertise for most electricians in Delray Beach and South Florida, it sits squarely within the skillset of the team at Assurance Power Systems. We have a background in electrical work as well as gas, giving us the knowledge necessary to add a gas heater to your pool. Swim comfortably, day or night, with water reliably heated by a new, expertly installed pool heater.

Gas BBQ Installation

A gas BBQ adds so much to your outdoor space. You can cook outside, an asset to anyone in Florida, and build an outdoor kitchen or living space around the grill as a centerpiece. We will hook up your gas BBQ using our gas service expertise. We have six natural gas and propane technicians on staff ready to help with your needs.

Generator Outlet Installation

If you choose to install a portable generator, you will not be able to hook it up to your home’s electrical grid through a standard outlet. Instead, you will need a specific generator outlet installed. And who better to perform this service than the generator experts at Assurance Power Systems?

General Electrical Repairs

Do you need electrical repairs around your home? Maybe your lights aren’t working properly or your electricity bills have gone up in the last month or two with no explanation. Our expert electricians in Delray Beach and beyond will diagnose what is causing your problems and produce solutions that work. Don’t try to fix electrical components yourself. Always rely on a trusted, licensed electrician to do the work.

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