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Assurance Power Systems provides the following services in Coconut Creek, FL:

Power outages will happen. Natural disasters, extreme weather conditions, or equipment failure can all cause power failures. Most will be short and not very dangerous but sometimes power outages go on for days, sometimes for weeks, and the results can be devastating.

For homeowners, if you are involved in a power outage:

  • Do you know how you will get light? How will you cook?
  • How will you listen to the news or get updates?
  • How will you stay warm, or stay cool?

For business owners, power outages can cause financial disaster.

  • How will you be able to run your business without power?
  • Will your business just stop until the power can be restored?

Before the next power outage, think about a standby generator. A truly specialized generator company answer your questions about buying generators in Coconut Creek. Think about the peace of mind that will be yours when a simple power outage won’t create havoc in your household or devastate your business. Fortunately, safe and practical generators in Coconut Creek are available right around the corner.

Generator Installation Review

I had a very involved installation with a complex and challenging construction schedule. They were great about being at the home when we needed them in order to fit the contractors schedule! I highly recommend their services!!

Generator Installation
Date published: 01/20/2014
5 / 5 stars

Assurance Power Systems provides generators in Coconut Creek to homeowners and businesses giving them confidence that their power service will never be interrupted. Assurance works with a network of franchise partners who specialize in the complexities of designing and installing standby generators. Assurance experts offer residential customers complete system design and CAD drawings from their proprietary GenSizer tool. The GenSizer is a generator design tool that allows Assurance professionals to analyze your electrical loads and determine the appropriate size generator. It follows the specifications required by the National Electric Code. Once the homeowner has selected the generator, the Assurance team integrates the installation process beginning with a custom engineered prefabricated or poured concrete slab and then conducting the start up.

How Generator Works

How Generator Works

Assurance technicians are experts in local and national codes that govern the installation of standby generators and will make sure those generators in Coconut Creek are safe, dependable and reliable. They obtain all permits necessary. They guarantee that their work will meet or exceed EPA and local code requirements saving you time and money. When generators in Coconut Creek are professionally designed and installed by Assurance Power Systems, they can add value to your home while it also safeguards your family.

In August, 2012, 293,000 Florida residents lost power from Hurricane Isaac. Florida’s electric lines are hit more by lightning strikes than any other state. Florida’s ample sunshine and rain is a gardener’s delight but often plants are responsible for power outages as they thrive and grow and come into contact with power lines. Squirrels, birds, and other animals can create havoc and cause power outages. Thieves and vandals have been the cause of many power outages as a result of stealing or tampering with the utility company’s expensive equipment. Power outages that strike in the sweltering summer months can be deadly. Let Assurance Power Systems design and install your generators in Coconut Creek. You and your family will never have to live in the dark.

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